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today i'll teach you to make a fake flower as an awesome decor!

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MATERIALS: Thread, needle, colored feather, pencil, colored tap and desired length and width of fabric.

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lay the feathers put onto the fabric (longest to shortest)

Step 3:

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sew a straight line across the fabric. Be sure the feathers are secured.

Step 4:

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roll into a coil and sew to secure

Step 5:

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start sewing additional feathers to the side. repeat until it resembles a flower.

Step 6:

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sew green feathers to the side to give it a flower realistic touch.

Step 7:

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stick your pencil in the coil shape on the bottom to create the stem. be sure to also coil the pencil with colored tape to create stem.

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mrsmerwin (author)2017-12-12

I was thinking of a feather duster too. It is pretty and functional.

Swansong (author)2017-12-12

That's a cute way to make your own feather duster, or you could use it in a decor arrangement :)

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