Fake Fun Bullet Holes





Introduction: Fake Fun Bullet Holes

Friends and family will gasp in horror as they view the carnage; your window is riddled with bullet holes! Sniper in the area? Wise guy taking pot-shots? Those death threats becoming a reality?

Don't worry, the neighbourhood is not rapidly going down hill, they are Fake Fun Bullet Holes. Yes, watch as your chums soil their undergarments at the very thought of dodging that small arms fire.

Okay, I know they only look like BB shot holes, but from a distance they can give the unsuspecting victim, er I mean friend quite a surprise.

I am not an expert in the damage small arms fire makes. I would imagine some bullets just leave a large hole in the wall but this will do for the time being.

Step 1: Supplies

Drinking straws (the bendy ones are best)


Clear water based glue stick
or Saliva (sorry, this is not as bad as it sounds)

Step 2: Snip and Cut

After cutting the straws into approx 2 or 3 inch lengths slice up the tube - but not all the way - then snip out triangle shapes.

The bendy straws are best for giving nice round holes, when cutting these leave a section of the corrugated bend on the straw you are using.

When you squish the straw the end will stay circular. Ordinary straws tend to give more of a crack effect, depends on what you want.

Step 3: The Crack

Squash flat, use the handle of a screw driver, the (bullet or crack) hole will form and the cut straw sections will radiate out star-like. You can trim them down to suit the calibre; don't worry if the hole is misshapen, that just adds to the crack effect.

Next is the saliva. I have stuck them with clear glue but that can a bit permanent. Just give them a lick and press onto the glass; they should stay in place, if not then try the washable Glue-Stik.

I'm more of a spittle-man myself. Hey, it helps clean the widow when you've done!

If possible, push the sharp end under the rubber seal for support.

Step 4: How Best to Use

I would recommend you place them quite high up on a house window. The natural reaction is to brush your hand over it to check it out. So it adds to the fun if the victim is left staring at the collateral damage above them and out of reach.

On car windscreens I think it's better on the inside but before the quarry gets in. You don't want to shock the driver while in motion; we don't want any unfortunate mishaps on the freeway, or perhaps you do! Either way I take no responsibility for horrific freeway pile-ups or underwear cleaning bills.

That's pretty much it. Have fun.



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    hm... could use some work but its o.k

    sorry old bean, these are the breaks (...groan at bad joke)

    Very great prank.

    Thanks Artyman, we all could do with a laugh these days Cheers


    great for that Christmas surprise visitor!!

    Haha, you've followed the comment up two years later!

    yea, how slow is that! Could be a record. Thanks II.13 for waiting, most aprreciated!

    dont forget, they make a great Christmas present for that surprise visitor!!!