Are you always making K'nex grenades and chucking them at your friends and family? Well, freak them out, and make them flinch, at nothing at all! This looks like a K'nex Grenade, but does not explode!

Step 1: What to Have

For this creation, you simply need 9 white pieces, and 6 rubber bands
use 1 elastic and chuck it HARD and it will implode
this was done before, several months ago.
I guess that's another first I can add to my list.<br />
Yeah. Oblivitus's is awesome!
I think this started out as you trying to make a grenade but failed. So you posted this on instructables. Oh well. I will rate 3*.<br />
Whoops, I didn't see that. Sorry Oblivitus, I was just messing around with some knex and rubber bands, and this came up, just thought i throw it out there
bad pun lol.
OH MY GOD, YOU'RE RIGHT!!!<br />haha<br />
yes, there is no need to restate the obvious.
well, it's an original idea...so let me give a 4.5 rating on a non-working grenade! hey, it's the first one too!
No it's not.
Who wants a a non-blowing up grenade? Personally I do not. Sadly, 1*

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Bio: I'm a veteran to instructables, and have made some of my own on another account, Monkey T. Thanks for checking out my page!
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