Picture of Fake K'nex Grenade
Are you always making K'nex grenades and chucking them at your friends and family? Well, freak them out, and make them flinch, at nothing at all! This looks like a K'nex Grenade, but does not explode!

Step 1: What to Have

Picture of What to Have
For this creation, you simply need 9 white pieces, and 6 rubber bands
nerd974 years ago
use 1 elastic and chuck it HARD and it will implode
DJ Radio6 years ago
this was done before, several months ago.
I guess that's another first I can add to my list.
Yeah. Oblivitus's is awesome!
Pizzapie5005 years ago
I think this started out as you trying to make a grenade but failed. So you posted this on instructables. Oh well. I will rate 3*.
Hudmaster (author) 6 years ago
Whoops, I didn't see that. Sorry Oblivitus, I was just messing around with some knex and rubber bands, and this came up, just thought i throw it out there
bad pun lol.
Hudmaster (author)  An Villain5 years ago
yes, there is no need to restate the obvious.
necropolian6 years ago
well, it's an original idea...so let me give a 4.5 rating on a non-working grenade! hey, it's the first one too!
No it's not.
Master_Zane6 years ago
Who wants a a non-blowing up grenade? Personally I do not. Sadly, 1*