Don’t ever say this is a fake marzipan and no one will notice it.

You will need:
  •     250 cc water
  •     100 grs butter (not margarine)
  •     150 grs flour
  •     1 Kg confectioners’ sugar
  •     20cc almond extract

Boil water and butter. Add flour and cook until you can form a ball that didn’t stick to de pot. Let it cool. Add confectioners’ sugar and mix until you have a dough easy to manage. Add almond extract and food coloring if you want.

This is very easy to freeze for later use.
My mom has always loved marzipan but as she got older her allergies have gotten worse and she can't eat anything with nuts. So thank you so much for posting this. I am going to make it for her. I know it's not the same as what she grew up eating but hopefully she will lover it.
Love* sorry
<p>Why make fake marzipan when real marzipan is so easy to make? I think what you made here is actually fondant.</p>
<p>Probably because marzipan is extremely expensive to make.</p>
<p>It's really not. A 16oz packet of Almond flour costs $8 at my local HEB store which makes 2lb of marzipan. I don't consider that particularly expensive, especially compared to buying 2lbs of store marzipan such as Odense,</p>
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