Fake Nose/lip Ring





Introduction: Fake Nose/lip Ring

Ok this is so easy and simple its like its not even worth having an instructable but its cool and its comfortable i wore it all day nd it stays on and even looks realistic

Step 1: What You Need

•a metal jump ring
•pliers or you can just use scissors

Step 2: Make It

Open the jump ring wide enough to fi on your nose or lip

Step 3: Wear It

Just put it on it should stay there :)



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    i made two for my sister who has been wanting some

    good idea! thanks so much! if the edges ever hurt too much, you can try sanding them or putting bit of clay on the tips.

    That's really cool!:) But aren't there any sharp edges after cutting?

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    Well for me there werent because i used open jump rings and just opened them more enough to go on my nose although if you are cutting them there might be, maybe you could put some tape or a bit of clay or fabric on the end? I dont know whatever you can think of :)

    I make steel rings from wire and they always have sharp edges, so it just came to my mind :) But I guess some sand paper will make it better :)


    Be careful, Skin needs blood to flow through. If this is pinching to tight, and I don't mean like "OWW that pinches", I mean like just a little to tight. The skin will die underneath it and then turn necrotic. If you notice any discoloration that won't go away you may have damaged the tissue underneath.

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    Does it? I didnt know.. It seems fine on me though because it was staying on by where your nose is kind of thinner at the middle so the end stopped it from sliding off although thanks for mentioning that i will me careful :S