Fake Quick Glowstick!





Introduction: Fake Quick Glowstick!

This instructable will show you how to make an electronic glow stick. If you are smart, you will probably figure out how to do it by the first step. keep in mind you can make it more elaborate if you want (switches, battery cases, solder, more LED's, etc.)

This instructable is now featured in Popular Science magazine! February 2010, page 79. Look for "originally posted by Shane Dulong on instructables.com"

Step 1: Supplies

- Battery (3 volts or bigger, within reason)
- 1 LED of your choice (4 shown)
- 1 Bic pen with translucent (partially see-through) case

Step 2: Take Apart Pen

This is the easy part. Title says it all!

Step 3: Light!

Attach the Led to the battery. You could solder, or do what I did and hold it on the battery. You can add wires and switches too. If you use a 3v button cell battery, this is VERY easy. Just match the polarity and slide it on!

Note: The long lead (wire) is the positive. The negative has a small notch above it on the plastic.

Step 4: Make a Glowstick!

Simply put the LED in the long pen tube. You can use the cap too.

Update: Unless you have a big LED, I don't recommend a 9v battery. A 3v button cell is fine. The 9v actually burnt out some of my small LED's and heated up the leads on the big ones!



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    you really need to put a resistor in series with the LEDs to limit current. Otherwise you will be constantly replacing LEDs

    wat are the steps?how to connect the batteries i need explaination guys

    The short wire goes on the negative part and the long wire goes on the positive part. Either hold it there or tape it. If using the button cell it will usually stay on its own.

    umm... your green led is yellow, that means you have too much power in it.

    I know. I pointed that out when I said us a 3v button cell instead. I didn'.'t have one.

    oh ok then :)

    Sorry. I didn't relize it has already been done!

    so what if its been done before? i think its great

    nice ible. clever idea i might have to make one lol