Step 1: Gather Up!

First, gather some pva (skin friendly/kids) glue, golden syrup, tissue paper (pref white) blue and red food colouring and some flour.

Step 2: On It Goes!

Then put a layer of glue over the area you want the scar, let it dry a bit, but it still needs to be sticky!

Step 3: Tissue Paper...

After, stick on tissue paper and glue the edges down! Add lumps and bumps for an extra realistic look!

Step 4: Mix 'em Up!

Now you add the blood. If you've already got fake blood don't worry, but if you don't:
Put 7 drops of red food colouring and 4 drops if blue food colouring in with 1tbs of golden syrup and 1tbs of any kind of flour!

Step 5: Apply!

Now the fun bit! Put your fake blood on the "scar" and smere all over, covering the tissue paper!

Step 6: Taking Off

To get your scar off of your arm, either peel it off (if your brave) or soak your arm in warm water and it will peel of!
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<p>cool thats a awesome thing for Halloween</p>

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Bio: Awesome gamer, athlete, and all round PRANKZTER!!!! Halloween... The best time of year....
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