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FAKE TNT Chest Rig , OK  FIRST OF ALL  ! This is All in Good Fun , Not Trying to Offend or Disrespect Anyone I Needed to come up with something quick , since i couldnt find a fake AK 47 or find the necessary materials for a Rocket Launcher for My Costume which is a Taliban / Freedom Fighter whatever i dont think Being Politically Correct applies Here , so I scrounged through my stuff and got some Tubes from my sister and had all the wires and stuff switches , L.E.D.S. , paint , Glues ETC ... and went to work .......

Step 1:

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depending on how Menacing to want to be , you can add the whole box  , but i Opted for SIX  ,  for  ease and comfort ,  does that make sence ? :\  so first i cut the tubes in 7" lengths  and one other tube  from a roll of Suede , with my Trusty Band saw , makes life easy
This reminds me of the good 'ole days when I would play Command & Conquer: Generals. GLA for the win!
Diabloscope (author) 3 years ago
Tonight i'm going out walking with nieces and nephew ,(without Rig ) see what reactions i get !! lol should be interesting
I had a wicked costume of that sort a few years ago. I used spray painted wooden dowels from home depot as TNT, and looped thick wire to connect them (using a staple gun into the wooden dowls). The centre piece I used was a mosque shaped cheap alarm clock that lit up and played the call to prayer that I picked up in Oman, and wore that over a white cheap dishdash and a fisihing vest....

around 2 am that night some patriotic dude pepper sprayed me....now i go out as less political characters...
Sovereignty3 years ago
Awesome. Makes me wish I had a reason to dress up. *****
Diabloscope (author) 3 years ago
Thanks , yea i got dressed and un-dressed (my sisters house) didn't dare to go in public , HAHA even the airport ! don't think that would have went well !!! I knew 99.9 people that were there at the party , and even the one guy i didn't know was taking the most pictures , his said his brother was that last year and didn't even come close to looking real
hahahhahahhahha cool i'ble
Thats like saying " Hello!!!! Arrest me!!! "

But other than that, cool build.
Diabloscope (author) 3 years ago
Labeld as Extremist instead
Diabloscope (author) 3 years ago
Thanks Instructables for the Feature and 3 month Pro Membership !! this was a Hit a a Costume Party Last Night ! I Didn't Dare were it out on the street i even covered it when i went into Target (in my car of course) i Havent got any pics from my Family Yet but i will Post them here as a finished product ! this was a Blast to make !! haha Pun Intended !! towards the end i couldnt stop laughing !!

westfw3 years ago
Don't go to Boston!
Robot Lover3 years ago
Cool project! I love it! I know how you feel with the heat. A month or two ago it was around 120 degrees in my garage.