Picture of Fake TNT Dynamite Plunger Prop
I needed a fake bomb prop to be scary.. like they used in the old fashioned cartoons when they push the lever down and it explodes off in the I started making one with a cardboard box, pipe, foam, and duct tape. Like you see in my quick drawing, inside the box, I cut a hole for the pipe and duct taped it into place, then slipped the smaller pipe into it with the handle also duct taped on in a criss cross format. Then tape up the box, and paint the whole thing however you'd like. I added some craft foam on the sides, cut into a hinge type shape and hot glued them on. I also added some "bolts" which are also craft foam glued on. Then i just painted them to add highlights and was VERY simple to do. I was going to show a step by step, but ended up finishing it before I even started taking pics bc I was too excited to get started...but it's simple enough, I think you can follow along with the drawing. :)
chipper352 years ago
Those hinges are GORGEOUS!!
Joshblake (author)  chipper352 years ago
Thank you!! I'm glad you like them...they were very easy to make! :) Just come foam cutting and paint. :)