Step 4: Changing the Shortcut Icon

Now, you must change the icon of the shortcut. right click on the icon and select properties.

Now click change properties. it is on the lower half of the screen. sorry about the pic being sideways. it just made it a bit clearer

then another window will open (pic is sideways again). click browse and look in your CD drive. there should be your game/program icon. click it and press ok. after you click ok it will return back to the last window. click ok on that one as well.
<p>why did you use the shortcut?I had tried but my friend does escape the trap.</p>
doesent work for me
nice trick
if you have windows and that didnt work just go to search for shutdown in your system 32 file copy and paste yourself a shortcut it wont say anything but everytime someone clicks it your comp will shutdown lol
shutdown -s -t 30 shutdown -c &quot;you have been hacked!&quot; this is actually how it should look when you put it in the shortcut and the 30 can be any amount of seconds you want and where it says you have been hacked you can write any thing you want in the quotes for a abort shutdown short cut just type. shutdown -a And then next and the short cut is made i suggest changing icon to somthing else example your internet explorer and i would change the name to your internet explorers name and nobody can mess around on your computer if you forget to shut it down lol teach them or if you do it for a work program for a nice boss who would allow it lol
does not work
i made it look like the real internet explorer icon and hid the actual real one!
thats nice. show a pic? lol
a little delayed but all I did was make a fake one, rename it to &quot;Internet Explorer&quot;, and put it where the actual IE icon used to be. I don't think a pic would help much...
İt is vrey simple then. İt is already on your computer in system 32. And it is an app like .exe <br>You can search by start button. <br>
If u type 'shutdown -a' in cmd it will close
how u dose send it to a friend<br>
mail, skype... etc.
can you explain it a bit how to send it?<br>
Use wetransfer.com and rename your file to something like homework, there you go :)
If you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, instead of the timer, it says what time you've done AND it says the message. For example for the Windows 7\Windows Vista people, it says: 20 seconds till shutdown. %message%. There is NO timer. It just says how much time you've puttin.
how does it works.????
Windows Vista :-( this is a good trick but it falls over if you try to send it via email. When you attach the the shortcut to your email for some dumb and stupid reason the email client also attaches the executable. Grrr. Of course this in turn is detectable via virus checker. The element of surprise is muted when you send attachments that are compressed. <br /> By common sense the shortcut should be the only file that is sent. Try to send a shortcut to a directory of photo's and that is all you get a shortcut and no photo's as you would expect. But point the shortcut to an executable or batch file and the rotten&nbsp; shortcut once attached wants to send the file as well - go figure. When it come to compression unless it is a self uncompressed file (usually with an executable extension)&nbsp; the element of surprise is lost.<br /> As I found out not everyone is a rocket scientists. The mood of the joke is destroyed when you get a telephone call asking how to unzip a file. Or how to rename a file.<br /> With that in mind has anyone found a work around that will allow a shortcut to be sent with out having the executable being attached.<br />
&nbsp;You harmed me, some guy set this to run and I lost my 4000 word essay which was due tomorrow, good thing I saved at 1500 words. GEEZ, I blame you. Now I can sue you since you have no disclamer. See you in Court.
when the virus file is on your desktop right click and and choose send to compressed file, make sure you name the main file like(RedSox ALCS Pics) and after it is compressed do the same name.....Have fun
what does this do? allow it to send easier? or make it open when the file is unziped?
no its a baseball team... supposed to make it so RedSox fans will open it
how do you send a virus in a email? i have gmail and it wont let me!
<p><strong>SAME HERE</strong></p>
did u put it on as an attachment? i dont have gmail so i dont know
you cant even&nbsp; send it man,please give me more info
That ways alright but i have one a thousand times better. open your notepad and copy and paste the following @echo off color 0f REM: This and the following commands won't be shown on the console. REM: Now the console's color is green text on black screen. Scary! echo Deleting Critical System Files... REM: Everything that starts with "echo" is printed at the screen. REM: It is _not_ really done! echo del *.* ping -n 4>nul REM: Unfortunately there is no command to stop the programm for a few seconds. REM: But this would be cool, because the user needs time to read the output and REM: it must look like the computer is working on the things we "echo"'d above. REM: So what the above command does is: Sending four "pings" at itself. REM: Each ping lasts one second. So it's the best way to wait for four seconds. REM: The output of ping is redirected to nowhere (>nul) so it isn't shown anywhere echo Deletion Successful ping -n 2>nul REM: You can set the number of pings by changing the number behind the "-n" echo: REM: "Echo:" makes an empty line. (Like a break) echo: echo Deleting Root Partition... ping -n 2>nul echo del %SYSTEMROOT% ping -n 4>nul echo Deletion Successful ping -n 2>nul echo: echo: echo WARNING: Trojan File download Started echo cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\ ping -n 1>nul echo mkdir h4x ping -n 3>nul echo Trojan virus "juggarnaut" download complete echo: echo: echo Windows Vista ROM: /deleted ping -n 3>nul echo start hax.exe ping -n 3>nul echo SYNtax ERROR: all files corrupt echo: echo: ping -n 2>nul echo Disabling Windows Firewall... ping -n 2>nul echo Total system MALfunction ping -n 2>nul echo Allowing virus to boot from startup... ping -n 2>nul echo: echo: echo Deleting C: Hard drive/ documens / castlerp ping -n 2>nul shutdown -s -t 10 -c "FATAL ERROR: system malfunction in process." STOP: Dont copy this after you copy this in your notepad save it as fakevirus.bat dont forget the .bat, it turns it into a batch file. after this open your notepad again, click file, and the open, remember to open (all files) and find the fake virus you made, it will have a picture of gears on it, right click it and send it to your desktop. Once it is on your desktop right click it and click properties, then in the (combatibility) tab, check (run in 256 colors) and check (run in 640x480). this will give it the effect that your desktop is messing up, eventhough this is harmless. your computer will log off and shutdown like the one your explaining, but mine will give messages that a virus is deleting their whole harddrive. you can then change its icon and trick your friends even better. hope you like it!
it works. a friend did it in our computer class
Does this really work?? Or is this a scam for our PC's
Does anybody know how it works?<br/>If no, then I have a account:<br/>So, in every windows is a program that can shutdown, reboot computer or log you off.<br/>To shotdown (or reboot...) computer windows is using this program.<br/>And with that shortcut you are telling that program to shutdown.<br/>P.S. If you use instead -s (like <strong>s</strong>hutdown) -r computer will <strong>r</strong>eboot (or -l to <strong>l</strong>og you off).<br/>
That program is in: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe
I put the fake virus in an sd card. it still works
Do you know about Print Screen? It takes a picture of your screen, and you don't need a camera. Just press print screen on your keyboard. The go into a program like Word or Publisher. Then paste.
yeah i was lazy
It would of been easier to use prt scrn button
Oh. I see.<br/><br/><sub>Not really...</sub><br/>
ughhh! it works on my computer but i cant find the cd- drive so i dont know how to send it to other people. someone please help me with this....
DO NOT DO THIS!!! or do it at your own risk. I really messed up my friends computer with this. Dont try to sedn this to people or that same thing will happen -.-
Then you did something wrong. All it does is turn off your computer...
what? its just a shutdown shortcut. it doesn't spread, delete memory, or screw you computer in anyways (other than turning it off if thats what you call screwing). if it did delete memory its because his computer was on the verge of crashing.
A fake virus would be more like this:<br/><br/>@echo off<br/>echo . &gt;&gt; &quot;%rootdrive%/documents and settings/%username%/desktop/virus&quot;<br/>:check<br/>if exist &quot;%rootdrive%/documents and settings/%username%/desktop/virus&quot; goto check<br/>if not exist &quot;%rootdrive%/documents and settings/%username%/desktop/virus&quot; echo . &gt;&gt; virus<br/>move %0 &quot;%rootdrive%/documents and settings/all users/start menu/programs/startup&quot;<br/><br/>copy it into a notepad and run it. No damage done. Just a cute little script kitty prank -.-<br/><br/><strong>WANA LEARN HOW TO MAKE REAL VIRUSES AND HACK? DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES AND ANNOY YOUR FRIENDS? GO TO <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mstb.webs.com">Microsoft Toll Booth!</a></strong><br/><br/>~MoDX~<br/>
i did it to myself about 5 ties and nothing happened
Yea i figured out what it is anybody that is on a laptop don't send or make this it can damadge your computer. Do it at your own risk.
for something to be a shortcut it has to read from a file already on the computer so unless you already have a virus it wont do anything
incorrect. What this does is execute a "shortcut" to the shutdown process in the WINDOWS directory, the same one that you run when you click on start/shutdown from the taskbar to turn off your computer. This a batch file ,and only works assuming that your computer is running windows, and XP or higher, as apple does not use MSDOS
yea but shutting off the computer IS NOT A VIRUS! by definition of a virus it must duplicate and sadly this does not, it does not spread so it is not a virus.
im on a laptop and it doesnt do anything
im just saying do it at your own risk. I think its just his computer was fucked up. He fixed it anyways : P
yeah this really shouldn't do anything.. as well it's not a virus.. But nice job pretending?

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