This is a prank you can play on your friends, relatives etc. It's very easy to set up, you just need a computer (MAC will not work). This not dangerous. It just displayed fake commands and hibernates your computer. Follow the instructions or simply download the attached file.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Get to your victim's computer and open notepad, either from the start menu or by the search tool.

<p>Is there a way to disable the mouse? Victims can just close the window right away.</p>
<p>I'm not a pro, maybe there's a way</p>
<p>my freind screamed</p>
super cool
<p>Just used this along with teamviewer and a few other code adjustments to April Fool's prank my mother. Worked amazingly! Thanks</p>
You don't even need them to open it. Just use teamviewer and open it remotely!
<p>does it harm a computer?</p>
<p>Not at all!</p>
<p>It has to be saved into .bat format, right?</p>
<p>Yikes! This could make someone really upset!!</p>
<p>It IS made to upset people!</p>

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