Picture of fake wounds from vaseline
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The materials needed to make skin putty and fake blood are.....
For skin putty
•Vaseline or petroleum jelly
•Coco powder
•2 plastic spoons
• I plastic cup (I used a Dixie cup but small plastic cups work better)
For the blood
•glycerine ( can be bought at pharmacy i think it is a laxative but I might be wrong)
• red food coloring
•coco powder
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Step 1: Make The Skin Putty

Picture of Make The Skin Putty
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The skin putty is made out of Vaseline and flour
The steps to make it are
1.grab a plastic spoon you gathered earlier scoop up some flour, it should be overflowing
2. Scoop some Vaseline with the other spoon make sure it fills the spoon but no More and no less.
3.with the back of the spoon you used to get the flour, scoop the Vaseline out of the Vaseline spoon into the flour in the Dixie cup
4. Fold the Vaseline into the flour ( you must fold it in you can't just mix it)
5. Once it looks like a solid mass, this should take a while. pour it into your hand and roll it around until it is mailable and not flaky.
If you want to change the skin tone of the putty ad some coco powder

Step 2: Make The Blood

The blood is made of glycerine ( I think it's a laxative but I'm not sure) and red food coloring. Glycerine is used because it does not dry out and it dissolves the red food coloring.
•To make the blood put 5 drops of red food coloring or until it looks right, into the glycerine.
• if you want the blood to be chunkier put some coco powder into it The amt. is up to you

i did this before on my own

Add a drip or two of blue to your blood & it will look more realistic.
blooperfiesta (author) 1 year ago
Very realistic!