Step 2: Make the Blood

The blood is made of glycerine ( I think it's a laxative but I'm not sure) and red food coloring. Glycerine is used because it does not dry out and it dissolves the red food coloring.
•To make the blood put 5 drops of red food coloring or until it looks right, into the glycerine.
• if you want the blood to be chunkier put some coco powder into it The amt. is up to you
<p>epic. gotta try it out - perhaps as a prank!</p>
<p>I tried it out</p>
Add a drip or two of blue to your blood &amp; it will look more realistic.
<p>to make it a bit purplish?</p>
<p>Yup, real blood is almost blue sometimes.</p>
<p>if you're an octopus...</p>
<p>I tried it out - prank worked like a charm!</p>
<p>Wauw, this looks like a great way to save money on expensive special effects make-up wax :D You could add a little bit of brown face paint/eye shadow in the wound to make look deeper.<br><br>www.bruiseandbruisability.com</p>
<p>if you colour the wound with your skin tone or with natural wound colouration it will make it more realistic</p>
<p>i did this before on my own</p>
Very realistic!

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