Picture of Fake a Cut off Finger
I show you how to make a fake realistic finger cut off with a piece of bubble gum and some makeup

you need:

-skin tone makeup
-piece of soft bubble gum
-blue,red,black makeup
-butter knife

This video show you how apply the bubble gum.

and follow the step.

Step 1: The bubble gum step !

Picture of the bubble gum step !
First: Make sure youre bubble gum is enough soft to manipulate.

Apply right in the middle on the second join of your finger.
spread out and make clean smooth edge.
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arodz3 years ago
get the blue out and u get an awesome effect brilliant idea
I did something along these lines with Gum a couple of years ago, but did a take the whole finger off look. I prefer yours to be honest, as it is much easier to make the rest of the finger look still attached than it is to try and hide it. Anyway, here is the instructable I made a couple of years ago, I will certainly be rocking the severed finger look this Halloween!

Photo on 2009-10-27 at 18.24 #2.jpg
jbouffard3 years ago
my mom was like WTF!!
kbrien4 years ago
That's definitely a cheap way of doing the cut off finger effect, i bought the special effects wax for it. Only came across this website, its brilliant.
In all the places I've seen this tut, there are 2 questions that are always asked, but never answered.
1- What brand/flavor bubble gum are you using?
2- Pre-chewed or un-chewed?
minime123585 years ago
P.S. Was it your inside joke that you were flicking us off?
Yeah i noticed that! :P
Paiigems6 years ago
I absolutly love this intructable..it was verry helpful to where i have an invit 2 do sum gruesome makeup for sum photo shoots..thank you! Here is my version of the cut off finger. The Bubble gum didnt work 4 me so i jus used this wax stuff i found & i also didnt hav any stage blood so i jus used vampire blood which kinna sux cuz its really runny & sticky..but it worked
mobileuploads 159.jpg
nice, i would have gone with a little less blood though
carlpogi_114 years ago
love it,very cool i will do it in my school to scare my classmates thank you for the design hehehe
Are suppose to chew the gum??
pipotoy20047 years ago
Where do you buy or get the fake blood
It says in the instructable that its corn syrup and red dye
adding chocolate syrup helps
 Halloween stores.
you can find how to make fake blood on instructables! you should search: how to make fake blood.
minime123585 years ago
Even easier, if on step 3 you press harder, you dont need any fake blood!
 i can't stop laughing!
kmeyers5 years ago
 love it. very nice and gross
well you got me grossed out... 5*
kc1355765 years ago
The picture's scary. It looks soooo real!
Patented5 years ago
Very nice and realistic project!

I like the second pic on step 3 ! XD

Nykus795 years ago
I made same way but i put it on my neck. "Warren! Broken glass fall on my neck! and a lot of bleed!" Warren saw those big cut on my neck and he fainted. YIKES!
smashbros355 years ago
i know its fske, but the pic still game me chills lol
unknown246 years ago
brilliant! i will try this!!!
shanudahiya6 years ago
Nice idea! I appreciate that!
poolio6 years ago
I tried this and it didnt work because my friend said the gum looked like a gigantic wart and that gave the trick away
i know a faster way ; D
this is totally awesome! 5 stars! i also subscribed. have merry christmas and thanks for the great ideas! my dad's going to do this so he can show the guys at work that he cut off his finger and make them freak out. THANKS SO MUCH! i appreciate your time to make this.
great idea but why the blue?
Pro effects artists use dark colors, blue, brown and black, to give lacerations the illusion of being deeper than they are. Also, darker colors disguises the fact that details that should be there, aren't. (Bone, ligaments etc.) Dark colors give the visual impression of shadow, so we expect to see less therefore we "see" more.
If you look at the underside of your wrist, the veins will look blue, not red. This is because the blood inside your body is under oxygenated, once it gives its oxygen to what ever part of you body needs it. Since the blue is under the blood, it will look as if the veins still inside your finger that have not been cut are still working properly, as well as give the area around it a bruised look.
yeah but- as soon as you cut yourself- it turns bright red. I wouldn't use dark colors. Have you ever cut yourself deeply? It doesn't look blue in there. It's all bright red, with some pretty yellow fat cells if you cut deep enough. :)
In humans and other hemoglobin-using creatures, oxygenated blood is bright red. This is due to oxygenated iron in the red blood cells. Deoxygenated blood is a darker shade of red, which can be seen during blood donation and when venous blood samples are taken. However, due to an optical effect caused by the way in which light penetrates through the skin, veins typically appear blue in color. This has led to a common misconception that venous blood is blue before it is exposed to air. Another reason for this misconception is that medical charts always show venous blood as blue in order to distinguish it from arterial blood which is depicted as red on the same chart.

The question I want answered is:
Why is blood spelled with two o's??
oh ok that makes since
555mst5556 years ago
why the middle finger i wonder........lol
~INVENTOR~6 years ago
very cool!!!!!!!!!
ghicken6 years ago
That looks more like scar wax / nose putty than bubble gum.
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