Introduction: Fake Binoculars or Cyber Goggles.

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These fake binoculars are made so they can be used in plays. THEY ARE NOT USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Tools.

and (your choice) paint.

Step 2: Roll

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Roll two tubes of cardboard.
Or if you're good at crafts make two cuboid's.

Step 3: Cardboard.

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Get a piece of cardboard and stick the two rolls on the cardboard 2cm apart. 

Step 4: Cyber Goggles.

Cut a rubber band and tie it to the binoculars.

Put them over your head and done.

Step 5: Done

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Paint it if you want (i wasn't bothered). You are done.


mrmath (author)2010-09-19

I can see there is a use for fake binoculars in plays, and maybe in larping, but wouldn't two toilet paper roll, centers joined together with a piece of cardboard and spray painted black make a better set of fakes?

Totti11 (author)mrmath2010-09-20

i dont think so my way makes the binoculars look cooler

mrmath (author)Totti112010-09-20

Cooler, maybe, but unless you're doing a play about the future, they don't look realistic at all.

Totti11 (author)mrmath2010-09-20

cmon man chill by the way how old are you

mrmath (author)Totti112010-09-20

Old enough to be your father, probably. :) Which sucks for me, being that old. :(

Totti11 (author)mrmath2010-09-21

Totti11 (author)mrmath2010-09-20

and why is your photo so weird?

mrmath (author)Totti112010-09-20

My photo is weird because of an inside joke. Someone made an instructable about pixilating your face so people couldn't tell who you are. I took their avatar (which wasn't their picture) and said I had a picture of them. They laughed, and I took the picture from their instructable as my avatar.

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