Fake Binoculars or Cyber Goggles.


Introduction: Fake Binoculars or Cyber Goggles.

These fake binoculars are made so they can be used in plays. THEY ARE NOT USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Tools.

and (your choice) paint.

Step 2: Roll

Roll two tubes of cardboard.
Or if you're good at crafts make two cuboid's.

Step 3: Cardboard.

Get a piece of cardboard and stick the two rolls on the cardboard 2cm apart. 

Step 4: Cyber Goggles.

Cut a rubber band and tie it to the binoculars.

Put them over your head and done.

Step 5: Done

Paint it if you want (i wasn't bothered). You are done.



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    I can see there is a use for fake binoculars in plays, and maybe in larping, but wouldn't two toilet paper roll, centers joined together with a piece of cardboard and spray painted black make a better set of fakes?

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    i dont think so my way makes the binoculars look cooler

    Cooler, maybe, but unless you're doing a play about the future, they don't look realistic at all.

    cmon man chill by the way how old are you

    Old enough to be your father, probably. :) Which sucks for me, being that old. :(

    and why is your photo so weird?

    My photo is weird because of an inside joke. Someone made an instructable about pixilating your face so people couldn't tell who you are. I took their avatar (which wasn't their picture) and said I had a picture of them. They laughed, and I took the picture from their instructable as my avatar.