Have you ever waned to sleep at class?

I wanted to.

So I decided to make something to make that come true.

So I made the fake eye stickers.

Stick them on to your eyelid.

When you close your eyelids to sleep, you seem like you're awake!

Step 1: Take a Picture of Your Left and Right Eye, and Print.

Take a picture of your left and right eye, and then print them!

If you have microsoft word, measure the width of your eye using the ruler in order to make

accurate stickers, and then print them.

Be Precise when you're taking pictures!
<p>cool I did it and it worked yay</p>
I really like this too. The main image is great.
Thank for the comment!<br>I really appreciate it.
This is so hysterical, thank you for sharing, even though I think you should stay awake in class.
Yeah thanks. <br>
Lol, this is soo cool.

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