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Did your mom ever tell you "do not play with glass"? Well this glass you can play with and you can even eat it.
I always saw how in movies they break bottles on peoples' heads, and always wondered how they did that. I just leaned this process and not only can you make fake bottles for special effects or for fun, but you can also eat them.
These bottles are made of sugar and corn syrup - and they are totally eat-able. Following this Instructable you will be able to mold pretty much anything out of sugar-glass, you are only limited by your imagination.
The sound that this bottle makes when breaking is also extremely realistic. 


Step 1: What you are going to need.

Picture of What you are going to need.
Materials for the mold:
Oomoo #25 or 30 
Mold release
Glass bottle to be molded 
Plastic bottle ( at least 1" wider than the bottle to be mold)

Materials for the candy glass:
Light corn syrup
Cream of tartar 
Food colorant

Candy thermometer
An old cooking pot
Thick gloves

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jrakerose4 months ago
Can this be done with other mold silicons? Smooth-On products are harder to come by in Canada, I think.
T.ROCK8085 months ago

hey the maker of the bottle can you please contact me 469- 370- 4417

AriTheCritter7 months ago

I found this recipe right before Christmas, and proceeded to make a batch of cinnamon, a batch of spearmint, and a batch of peppermint. Everyone LOVED it and now my daughter is requesting I make some in fruit flavors. Easy recipe, never disappoints! Thanks for posting it!

If you're going to wear gloves asadvised in the instructable, DON'T wear the type in the video. Some kind of welding gloves or even gardening gloves would be safer, but are somewhat cumbersome.
kat29213 years ago
Can anyone help where to get Karo from in the UK ideally Surrey tomorrow??? Thank, Kat
all it is light corn syrup any grocery store should have it in the baking section
trker4 years ago
whats oomoo?
gg1220 trker3 years ago
It's a type of silicone RTV rubber, specifically made by smooth-on inc.
Dread_Neck4 years ago
Is it edible?
Nelson_Yepez (author)  Dread_Neck4 years ago
ccochran14 years ago
how much of the silicone mix do you need for the mold?
thomazza4 years ago
Hi, very cool instructable.
Is the Cream of tartar really necessary? Because I cant find it where I live :p

Dr. Pepper4 years ago
I hope you like your iPad! No one can get one right now! You're my favorite instructabler!
Mongpoovian4 years ago
mary candy4 years ago
Uhul !
great you won !
This work must be hard to do.
But the result is very cool.
Nelson_Yepez (author)  mary candy4 years ago
Thanks, i can not believe that i was not going to enter the contest. I saw "contest ends the 12" on the 12 and i was like awww... then i saw it said the 13 and i was like ahh w/e and my mom and sis pushed me to go home and make the instructable and well.... yeahhhh
thanks everybody..
than you got an I-pad ! :D
keep doing amazing things like this.
Congrats on your win. Well deserved with this cool project.
Nelson_Yepez (author)  cdawisconsin4 years ago
Thank you
Beanie104 years ago
Congrats! Hope my vote helped!
Nelson_Yepez (author)  Beanie104 years ago
Thank you so much and thanks for that vote too
lil larry4 years ago
"I leaned this prossess"? You should change tha, but great instructable! My friends were like sitting there drinking soda while I was eating the glass. (I filled it with soda/pop) And one of them was like how come the glass is sugary? And that was funny! 5*
motleyjust4 years ago
Is Oomoo food safe?
Can I use a meat thermometer rather than going out and buying a candy thermometer? Is there a difference?
No, the meat thermometer does not go high enough. But they are cheap.
Nelson_Yepez (author)  javajunkie19764 years ago
Yes, you can use a meat thermometer as long as you have a 300 degrees Fahrenheit mark. The difference is that the candy Thermometer usually has a description of the candy stages next to the temperature.

-Thread 223-235* F The syrup drips from a spoon, forms thin threads in water Glacé and candied fruits

-Soft ball 235-245* F The syrup easily forms a ball while in the cold water, but flattens once removed Fudge and fondant

-Firm ball 245-250* F The syrup is formed into a stable ball, but loses its round shape once pressed Caramel candies

-Hard ball 250-266* F The syrup holds its ball shape, but remains sticky Divinity and marshmallows

-Soft crack 270-290* F The syrup will form firm but pliable threads Nougat and taffy.

-Hard crack 300-310* F The syrup will crack if you try to mold it Brittles and lollipops

-Caramel 320-350* F The sugar syrup will turn golden at this stage Pralines
Meat thermometers don't go up that high- only candy thermometers do. Meat goes up to only 200 tops otherwise the meat would be charred. Great instructible- I want to make candy shot glasses.
flamesami4 years ago
hmmm.. maybe have friend#1 walk into friend#2's bar, then you walk in, grab a sugar glass bottle, then freak out everybody by smashing it on #1's head (they would have to be in on the joke, and you would have to make sure you have the right bottle...)if someone does this, FILM IT!!!!!!!
tymont124 years ago
quick note: make sure you don't catch your "pants-less" reflection in the refrigerator
Haha, I had this happen to me once from a CRT TV ;)
Nelson_Yepez (author)  tymont124 years ago
lol, i had sugar all over so was in boxers all over my house...lol
good attention to detail
jadink964 years ago
Uhm, not to be one of those people who pick out mistakes, i just hate when people do this; you put eatable. the word is supposed to be edible.
Nelson_Yepez (author)  jadink964 years ago
Thanxs, constructibe kriticism is allways welcom...lol
Really thanks...
Hahah. Not sure if you're being sarcastic though.. But if you're not, then your welcome. And this is a nice instructable. I might actually attempt this one.. hahah. i haven't made most stuff I look at on here...
Well, technically there is a difference between edible and eat-able.

Paper is edible, but not really eatable. Sour milk is edible, but not really eatable...if you get my drift?
Hahahaa, I see what you're saying there. but i was just saying that because i thought eatable wasn't a word. If it is then never mind. I was just trying to help because it makes the instructable more presentable that way. You understand my reasoning for pointing out then?
BtheBike4 years ago
Lawlz at video *Change My Pitch Up, Smack My ... = I

papagun4 years ago
Do these get sticky and or melt if left out at room temperature?
Nelson_Yepez (author)  papagun4 years ago
It is candy so eventually would get sticky if you leave it out side for hours, also depends on the humidity of the air.
butterbeans4 years ago
This is awesome. Got my vote!
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