Fake Make Up Stitches





Introduction: Fake Make Up Stitches

To create these fake make up stitches you will need:

-A black eye liner. (Liquid, cream, or pencil)

-A white pencil eye liner.

-A dark grey eye shadow.

-A small brush.

-And point tool. (Optional)

Step 1: Create a Line.

With the brush and the dark grey color eye shadow, create a line where the cut its going to be placed.

Step 2: Add the Stitches.

With the same eye shadow create some lines crossing the large one to create the shadows of the stitches. Make some simples and some with an X form.

Step 3: Create a Black Line.

Create a line over the one you already have, this time with the black eyeliner. You can make a fine line or be a little bit messy.

Step 4: Line the Stitches.

Repete the lines with the eyeliner over the stitches. Try not to cover all of the shadow, this will give them more volume.

Step 5: Add Shadows.

Grab your brush and your grey eye shadow and add some lines to pop up the stitches, leave a small line free between the black line and this new one.

Step 6: More Shadows!

Create a smal circle with eye shadow where the points are going to be.

Step 7: Add Brights.

With the white liner create a small line on each stitch and next to the dark lines. Don´t do it always on the same side, it would be less realistic. If the white line its too much intense you can smooth it tapping with your fingers or adding grey eye shadow in the extrems.

Step 8: Point the Holes.

Create small circles on the end of each line with the black eye liner, you can use the point tool if you have it.

Step 9: Be Creative and Create Your Stitches Everywhere You Want!



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    nice one neremah

    nice one neremah

    nuce one neremah


    Nice instructable! Well laid out, detailed steps, good pictures, short and sweet. You did an awesome job, those stitches look very realistic and 3-d. I honestly thought you glued rings on your skin or something! Well done;)

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! In glad you like them! :)

    ZOINKS! Dude, that's messed up! at first glance,it induced a pre-gag reflex lump in throat.That takes skill. Respect!

    1 reply

    what if you used a light purple to give the impression of bruising around the cut

    1 reply