Picture of Fake valentine's day spaghetti
Oh look, with valentine's day around the corner, Your probably looking for something special for this upcoming holiday. Instead of the usual bag of conversation hearts and a card with a love note in it, do something romantic. Make your lover a meal. Of course, we all know you want to skip dinner and head straight for dessert. So, to help with that, I've got the perfect excuse. Fake spaghetti! Makes enough for 2-3 servings.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
For this instructable, you'll need:

red and beige yarn
a fork and knife
a plate (unless you prefer eating from the floor)
scissors (or a knife)
an hour of your time


brown paint ( i used spray paint, as it was quicker)
orange yarn
9b4z1l2 years ago
This is hilarious! Good job!
neomancer454 years ago
isnt the idea to get to skip to _dessert_? not dessert. lip locking expressway, if u will. enjoyed fully XD
adsandy5 years ago
I want my two minutes of life back...
i want my 34 seconds back

It might be possible for me to get that split second back...maybe...
 If you ran faster than the speed of light.
Chuck Norris is the only one that can do that unfortunately...
 Maybe Stephen Hawking's wheelchair can go that fast. After all, he is the one that modernized Einstein's theory.
True...I don't think he's one to go screwing with time though...
 Yeah, he's too busy doing documentaries for Discovery Channel.
MrMystery96 (author)  GianniMora5 years ago
Might I ask what could be done to improve things to make your life more comfortable?
MrMystery96 (author)  adsandy5 years ago
Well, while I strongly disagree with your disposition, You are entitled to your opinion. Might I ask what could be done to improve this 'ible?
It is very well written, just kind of a goofy idea.  nice work.
MrMystery96 (author)  adsandy5 years ago
thank you. It was just a bit of adaptation to something I had to get done...
Sorry.  I guess the "two minutes" was kinda harsh.  Now that I look back its a pretty funny idea.
what is this... full house 
MrMystery96 (author)  adsandy5 years ago
Well, I'm glad we've been able to turn the situation around.
inchman5 years ago

What a great joke!  You did a great job with this and it is very creative.  You will make some lucky woman happy someday!  8>)

MrMystery96 (author)  inchman5 years ago
why thank you.