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Introduction: Fake Valentine's Day Spaghetti

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Oh look, with valentine's day around the corner, Your probably looking for something special for this upcoming holiday. Instead of the usual bag of conversation hearts and a card with a love note in it, do something romantic. Make your lover a meal. Of course, we all know you want to skip dinner and head straight for dessert. So, to help with that, I've got the perfect excuse. Fake spaghetti! Makes enough for 2-3 servings.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable, you'll need:

red and beige yarn
a fork and knife
a plate (unless you prefer eating from the floor)
scissors (or a knife)
an hour of your time


brown paint ( i used spray paint, as it was quicker)
orange yarn

Step 2: Boiling the Pasta

Normally when making pasta, we would get a pot of water boiling and then add pasta and stir. For this, we will need to unravel enough beige yarn to cover our plate, with a rather thick consistency, yet still stringy. DO NOT ACTUALLY BOIL THE YARN. I know thare are people out there who would love too, but its not a good idea. (Big brother is watching to make sure you don't...)

Step 3: Heating the Tomato Sauce

ough red yarn to get a thick consistency. This time, you want just enough, so that you can still see about an inch of spaghetti poking out from beneath the tomato sauce. Stir carefully into your pasta to give a nice, homey feel. Just like me dear mother makes.

Step 4: Now That's a Spicy Meatball!

Now, you have two choices. you can either serve your spghetti as is, or you can go even further into your romantic state, and add meat balls. there are three methods of making meat balls in this instructable.

the first - simply roll up a ball of paper, (and optionally, one may add tape to insure rigidity.) and simply spray paint it brown.

the second - pour (or spray the inside of a ziplock bag with enought paint to cover your meat balls. Put in your meat balls and shake. (with the bag closed of course...)

the last - The simplest method of all, is just to roll up a ball of brown paper. (I didn't take any pictures as I didin't think of this until after I had finished the dish.)

when done painting, put meatballs in a dry, airy place to dry. Give them about an hour to completely air out.

I let my little brother and the girl I consider a sister, help. Leave a comment saying thanks for

Step 5: Cleaning Up

Use mineral spirits to clean any paint off of your hands.

Step 6: Dinner Is Served

Now you've finished slaving our a hot stove to make your date a tasty pasta dish. Now to serve it up so you can completely forget it and get to the dessert. I hope you enjoy this dish and I wish you good luck this valentine's day.

Step 7: Unidentified Flying Pasta

I was given this idea after enrolled in a small skit for my drama class. "The odd couple," as it is known was a tv show about a divorced, clean cut man, living with a messy, manly bachelor. After ruining a double date My character, felix (the clean one.) Ends up making a plate of linguini, which oscar (the dirty one.) refers to as spaghetti. In one scene, Oscar throws the plate at the wall and leaves it there. Since we were all required to bring in a prop, I made this to bring in. Then noticing Instructables was featuring a valentine's contest, I decided to make this my entry.



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    This is hilarious! Good job!

    isnt the idea to get to skip to _dessert_? not dessert. lip locking expressway, if u will. enjoyed fully XD

     Yeah, he's too busy doing documentaries for Discovery Channel.

     Maybe Stephen Hawking's wheelchair can go that fast. After all, he is the one that modernized Einstein's theory.

     If you ran faster than the speed of light.

    i want my 34 seconds back


    Might I ask what could be done to improve things to make your life more comfortable?

    Well, while I strongly disagree with your disposition, You are entitled to your opinion. Might I ask what could be done to improve this 'ible?

    It is very well written, just kind of a goofy idea.  nice work.

    thank you. It was just a bit of adaptation to something I had to get done...

    Sorry.  I guess the "two minutes" was kinda harsh.  Now that I look back its a pretty funny idea.

    what is this... full house 

    Well, I'm glad we've been able to turn the situation around.

    What a great joke!  You did a great job with this and it is very creative.  You will make some lucky woman happy someday!  8>)

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