Step 9: Extra Parts

Just some simple parts to make.

1-the ram rod.build it (you can also add tape so it can cope with more power)
2-the mag push.built it
3-dont know what to call this. but its very important so build it
4-finally build the bullets

you have built all the parts!!! Now for the fun part.
will you sub i subbed.and i love it.=D
nice 4.999999*
o o i know what it is it is a thingy for a gun
Since i had been off for like half a year, i don't have a bloody clue if i already seen this gun but i oughta say, very good job.
thanks-its nothing special really-very simple mech-i havnt built anything-off the site or from scratch-in about 6 months either =( -too much sklwork i guess-as well as too much xbox =p
 me gives this gun 5 stars !!!
 wow thanks! ive really wanted to make another gun for ages-this one is way to bulky and doesnt perform that well-but hardly have any time :( also short of ideas-maybe halo 3 shotgun with pump action?
YEAH! Sipriani V2 will always pwn the V3, weirdly enough... lol. And the R45 is great for beginning builders ;)
Times have changed since your Sipriani v2. That type of gun is less impressive now.
True, sadly enough..
You know, these comments have made me want to post an ible about my guide to success.
I don't think a lot of people will think it's necassery, so i wouldn't do it if i were you :/
I've been getting tons of questions about my success. &nbsp;I&nbsp;thought I&nbsp;would post it when&nbsp;I retire.<br />
Yeah, i guess so.<br /> If people are asking you to, then do it.<br /> I think you crawled past me on popularity btw.<br /> I'm only getting like&nbsp;20 comments a week.<br /> When i built the Sip V2, i got three pages of 'em everyday.<br /> Lol.
Nah. &nbsp;You still have higher ratings and more subs.&nbsp; You just need to comment more. &nbsp;I only get tons of comments because I make tons of comments.<br />
check out my vulture...
&nbsp;yeah it is pretty cool-your hand machine gun is better though-<br /> i should really post my next instructable-its a dual-shot pistol, with a really strong true trigger and firing rod
&nbsp;ooooooh! sounds cool!
id build... but i dont have anywhere near the amount of green rods needes
hey by the way i'm making a small pistol that you'll probably have enough pieces for. Its actually more powerful, more reliable, and much lighter than this gun. I've just got to work on a few things before i post. it'll be 3 weeks max.
BTW 5*s and a fav
wow thanks a lot! pity you don't have enough pieces though.
Looks nice! Good work on the handles.
thanks-that means alot coming from a great builder like yourself
I really need some of those black wheels for a gun I'm working on.
what for?
the handle.
Well nevermind, I found a substitute, only people say it isnt as comfy.
This is a pretty good first posted gun. Have you been playing with knex before ibles?
this really is my first knex gun i have made that has worked- my first designs were way to ambitious so i finally made something that i knew i could build. By the way i made lots of guns on this site before trying anything myself-that helped me to understand basic principles of knex guns and helped me to gain experience.
You could have just said yes.
yes but i wanted to bore you
that stock is the best stock ive seen looks very comfortable
Dutchj has a more comfy stock on his assault rifle. But this is good too.
It would be easy to use dutchj's stock on this, because it is the same number of panels wide-in fact id like to see a pic of the gun with dutchj's stock. It might look pretty cool.
You have a link to it in the last step!
Ohh! I misunderstood your comment. nevermind.
thanks again =]<br/>
Nice! Seeing this is your first gun, you did better then me :P And the stock looks great, smart of you using bendies. But tell me, how much rounds does the mag hold? Btw, faved and fived! A subscribement not yet, but keep going and i'll definitely sub :P
Wow!!! thanks alot!! But this would never compete with your guns lol. about the mag i think it can hold around 10 i forgot to put it down im sorry :[ Ive taken the gun apart now though so i cant check
this gun looks great i especially love the stock and i hope to see more great guns from you
thanks-im working on designs for a pump action at the moment-not sure if it will work though
The most difficult part about a pump action is the trigger. If its a slide action then its easier.
yep i have found that out from a prototype-i tried using a true trigger that locked onto the end of the ram-and it almost worked! Next i will try to use a trigger maybe similar to the knexsayers block trigger. or maybe i will try making a turret gun-we'll see.
The knexsayer's block trigger was excessively bulky.
I know but it was a decent idea

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