Autumn is the time for decorating the house with bits of nature that we bring indoors.   I like Buckeye seeds and locust seed pods because of their color.  Locust pods are nice additions as they serve to provide a warm background to other, more flamboyant, decorations.  An easy step will bring out the color and give them a shine.  

Step 1: What you will need

Dry, brown locust seed pods can be found in the Autumn in parks, along streets, or in the woods.  Ask permission but I can't imaging anyone hoarding them and refusing you a few.  

To prepare the pods you will need:
newspaper or corrugated to protect your work surface 
clear floor wax
waxed paper or 1/2" hardware cloth or other screening
a loaf pan
a plastic bag
4 clothes pins
a small paint brush (optional)

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