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Engaged in a bitter prank war with a buddy? Need to get revenge for some wrongdoing? Or maybe you just want to show your new roommate who's boss? No matter the cause, the falling bucket of flour is about as classic as pranks get, and this guide will show you a tried-and-true method for getting it to work.

CAUTION: This project requies use of a sharp knife, and falling flour could potentially be a choking hazard.

Step 1:

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Gather the following supplies:
a. A small pile/bucket/container, preferably with a rectangular wide bottom and short height
b. Two 3M hangers, preferably large and strong (Easy remove type)
c. Small wire or strong string, try your local hardware store (About 4 foot)
d. Duct tape, use mustache print for elegance
e. Flour (use only powder type material; no liquids, hard, or sharp objects)
f.  Utility knife
g. Stool or stepladder (if working in hard-to-reach places)

Step 2:

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Place the 3M hangers Roughly two inches above door frame according to instructions found on package. The distance between the hangers depends on the size of the container you are using; around 6 inches should be fine. Use a stool or stepladder if necessary.

Step 3:

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Take the lid off the container. Using the utility knife, carefully cut two slits in the bottom of the container, about a half of an inch from each corner. The slits should be wide enough to pass your wire through them.

Step 4:

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Thread the wire through both holes, leaving both free ends on the outside.

Step 5:

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Join the free ends of wire together with duct tape. Wrap the wire at least 5 times to ensure a good hold.

Step 6:

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Open the door slightly and place the wire over the 3M hooks. Balance the container upright on top of the door, with the wire holes facing the wall. Test your setup by ensuring the container tips properly as the door is opened, and adjust the wire length accordingly. Also make sure that the container doesn't fall far enough to strike somebody coming through the door.

Step 7:

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Ensure that the container is properly balanced atop the door. Open the flour bag, and pour the contents evenly throughout the container. Make sure your victim is around; this is the point of no return.

Step 8:

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Wait for or entice the intended victim through the door. The quicker they come through the door the higher chance of success.

Enjoy this classic prank, and hopefully you can run faster than your victim!


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