Fallout 3 AEP7 Laser Build


Introduction: Fallout 3 AEP7 Laser Build

4 minute sideshow video of the making of my Laser Pistol From Fallout. Using Foamies brand foam. Foam Core, Rubber cement and Krylon Fusion paint. Also used Plasti-Dip spray for the grip.




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    Where can I get those cutouts in order to trace them? is there a pdf file somewhere?

    I feel special! My screen name was in there! Craft foam! Woot Woot! Hahaha. Great video and music to go with it. Nice. LIBERTYprime, signing off!

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    Well it's all true Liberty. Between your builds and Fullmetalsams pipboy I was converted. Which is awesome since Foam is so easy and inexpensive to work with that its great on a budget,

    It's just the video version of the step by step bud. Had a comment and a few messaged how good it was but that they couldn't take the time to read the whole thing, hehe Thanks though.