video Fallout 3 AEP7 Laser build

4 minute sideshow video of the making of my Laser Pistol From Fallout. Using Foamies brand foam. Foam Core, Rubber cement and Krylon Fusion paint. Also used Plasti-Dip spray for the grip.

ljm12#2 years ago
Lucky7x72 years ago
wow! Gonna go get me some foam. thank you, Sir
ascheelar3 years ago
Where can I get those cutouts in order to trace them? is there a pdf file somewhere?
tanks dude that realy helped me
You are most welcome.
MrTearApart4 years ago
I feel special! My screen name was in there! Craft foam! Woot Woot! Hahaha. Great video and music to go with it. Nice. LIBERTYprime, signing off!
TheGeekFather (author)  MrTearApart4 years ago
Well it's all true Liberty. Between your builds and Fullmetalsams pipboy I was converted. Which is awesome since Foam is so easy and inexpensive to work with that its great on a budget,
i feel as if i was thanked for this! ( woot wasteland outpost!)

but looks AWESOME! great work!
TheGeekFather (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
It's just the video version of the step by step bud. Had a comment and a few messaged how good it was but that they couldn't take the time to read the whole thing, hehe Thanks though.
yes, but it is shiny and a video!