Fallout 3 Alien Blaster





Introduction: Fallout 3 Alien Blaster

This is the Alien Blaster from Fallout 3 Here's a list of the tools and materials I used to make this!

Tools                                     Materials
Dremil                                   Milliput
Band saw                             MDF
Vac form machine              Greyfoam
Hand saw                            Leatherette
Knife                                     Bi resin
Lathe                                    wire
                                              lid off sun cream bottle
                                              Hair gel
                                              Styrene sheet

Step 1: Parts Made of MDF

I first printed out an AutoCad drawing of the Blaster that would roughly fit into my hand the first part I decided to make would be the trigger and the inner handle which is the first image you see. This Is just a piece of MDF I found in the workshop and I used A Band saw to cut the piece out. I then used a dremil to hollow out the piece for your trigger finger. 

2. The second image is of the scope where I did the same as above with the same sheet of MDF. After I cut it out I then attached and sculpted some Milliput on the top of the MDF to make the scope.

3. The other to pictures are of the barrel of the gun where I used a lathe to get it to be perfectly round.

Step 2: Casing and Barrel

The casing was made in two halves that were made of gray foam and sanded it down using sand paper. Once I had the two halves finished and they fitted together I then put both pieces into the vac form to get a clean smooth look.

After that I I marked out where I had to cut out all the openings to slot in the buttons, dials and the handle using the Dremil. The buttons and dials were made using the lathe as well. Once all the holes were finished I attached the handle to the bottom of the casing and slotted a block of grey foam over that so I could then sand that into the finished handle. Once that was finished I put rings of milliput around it to make the grip.

The barrel was pertty straight forward I used the lathe to make to cylinders and a slightly larger piece that will be the top and bottom of the barrel. the top of the barrel has some extra details that you need a precision piece from your dremil kit to get that detail in.

I made the energy cell of the Alien blaster out of a sun creak lid and some hair gel then glued it to the back of the MDF dial.

Once all the pieces were made all I had to do was stick it all together, prime it and the paint it.

Step 3: Finished Alien Blaster

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    LOL, this happened to me a bunch of times!!!


    I skip Fallout New Vegas, but Fallout 3 was really fun for me, max out both male and female to level 30(have all dlcs that's why I can do that)

    I'm on Fallout 4, the alien blasters easy to get. But they totally ruined it, first the reload is terrible, but now it does less damage. What is up with Bethesda Studio these days!!!!>:(

    thats cause it is, fallout has one tho

    if you give it some darker lights and fake battle weathering/burning you could make a kickass fire lance

    It blew my mind when I found the downed UFO and this blaster in the game. Nice build!

    4 replies

    Thanks! I'm playing Fallout New Vegas at the moment and I just found the group of aliens but there was a glitch and the alien blaster wasn't there...

    Great looking build! Love to see quality cosplay props like this! As far as being unable to find the blaster in the game, I just wanted to share some info if maybe it will help.

    First, make sure you have the "Wild Wasteland" perk offered to you at the beginning. If you do not have it, the Blaster will instead be a special Gauss Rifle found on the Captain.
    Also if it is just not there, supposedly loading a save to before you encounter the aliens will fix that.
    Lastly, if you have any companions, CHECK THEIR INVENTORY! I spent like a half hour once looking for the All American, only to find Boon swiped it when I wasn't looking.

    Hopefully one of those helps, buddy! Not trying to insult your intelligence with these either, just trying to help you obtain one of the best weapons in the game :) Glad to see another fan.

    Ha no worries thanks for the advice! Unfortunately I never saved it just before I found the aliens and I did have the wild wasteland perk on. It could've been a possibility Boone could've taken it but I realised that once you part ways with a companion all their inventory disappears and I don't know where it goes...

    I've also heard stories of people just bumping into a fiend in the middle of the wasteland and they have the alien blaster on them!

    Holy CRAP. I think I would be more pissed finding it on a fiend than not finding it at all haha. Well again, great build. Always glad to find other Fallout Fans, gives me hope for a Fallout 4...


    Fantastic build! Looks spot on, great work!

    This turned out awesome, completely looks like something you would have to go out and buy. Well done!

    1 reply

    great gun looks exactly like the real thing