Step 13: Chapter 2- Helmet Modeling- 9: Respirator

Picture of Chapter 2- Helmet Modeling- 9: Respirator
mouth piece_2.jpg
mouth piece_3.jpg

This step covers the building of the respirator on the "mouth" of the mask.  This part was challenging and I went through two iterations before I got it right but it still managed to be one of my favorite parts to make.  Pure scratch building fun.

The respirator will be built onto the remaining Base casting. As you'll recall, we used the other two Bases as foundations for the ear parts.  We're going to be using a sheets of the .040 styrene to make the respirator.  To make it fit we'll need to trace the upper part of the Base part onto the sheet of styrene.  Flip the Base face down onto the sheet and trace the circumference with a pen.  You should have a circular shape that fits the inset top of the Base.  Then we'll draw a radial design of 6 elongated air holes inside of that circle.  Take your time and try to make them as even as possible to retain that mechanical look.  Cut out the circle and cut out the air holes.  Trace the design of this piece onto your remaining styrene sheets and then cut it out so you have two identical parts.  Laminate the two cut-outs onto your Base.  Stacking them will create some depth in the air holes to nest the last details. 

Take some half-round styrene rods and wrap them around the circumference to hide any gap between respirator cut-outs and the Base cast.  Use the alligator clamps to keep them in place while the super glue sets.

The last step of this portion will be to add small open nozzles.  Use your hobby saw to cut short portions of tube (about 1/8 of an inch) like you see in the picture.  Set these short segments of tube into the open air holes of the respirator with just a dab of super glue apiece.