Step 56: Chapter 7- Assembly 8: Visor

Picture of Chapter 7- Assembly 8: Visor

We come now to the end of the assembly and one of the trickiest parts (if only because it seems like it should be so easy); the Visor.  Begin by positioning a strip of clear plastic around the eye holes and trace a rough outline of the eyes with a marker.  Cut that shape out with an Xacto blade.  Be very careful not to leave any finger prints on the plastic if you can help it since the plastic smudges easily.

Cut a piece of automotive tinting film about the size of your visor plastic.  Peel away the back side of the film that you expose the adhesive and carefully apply it to the visor plastic.  Make sure there is no dust or dirt on the visor plastic and work carefully to insure that no air bubbles are trapped under the tinting film.  This can be a real pain and requires a lot of practice.  I've ruined at least 4 visors trying to get it right.

Once this is done you can super glue the visor to the inside of the helmet. 
Do not however apply glue to the side that has the tinting film.