Picture of Fallout 3 Food Lables
This Instructable will briefly go over the process I used to make these food Items from Fallout 3.
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
Nuka_Cola_label copy.jpg
You will need

-Modge Podge (or the glue of your preference)
-Foam Brush / Paintbrush
-A small box of Jello (For Insta Mash)
-A Can of Something (I used corn (For Pork n' Beans))
-A Box of Mac and Cheese (Umm, for Mac and Cheese)
-Bottles of Coke (For Nuka Cola)
-The Labels Below
-A Printer
-Image Editing Software

But Where can I find X ?

- I got the Coke from the Hispanic Foods section of Smiths. It is Coke De Mexico
- Free Image editing software: IrfanView The Gimp

Edit: 6-18-2010

- I added a Sugar Bombs Label  as per KneeCapHill's Request.
Since I tried to keep them printable on a standard printer it is in three pieces(front, top, and side). I also tried adding them as .pdfs which I don't know if that will help anyone or not. It's based on a 14oz (396 g) wheat chex box.

Edit: 8-24-2010

added .pdf files of  other labels per coppeis' request.

sugarbombs_top.pdf(650x226) 105 KB
sugarbombs_side.pdf(275x950) 822 KB
sugarbombs_Front.pdf(650x950) 679 KB
instamash.pdf(387x594) 748 KB
macncheese.pdf(400x721) 1 MB
nuka.pdf(698x402) 1 MB
nukaq.pdf(698x402) 175 KB
proknbeans.pdf(683x287) 1 MB
spark2FLAME4 years ago
Wow! Awesome job! Definitely know what I am making for my Fallout Fan Friends. The Nuka-Cola Quantum is especially appealing.
Crabby4 years ago
That is so cool it hurts. How do you re-seal the bottle after filling it?
tocsik (author)  Crabby4 years ago
I just tried to bend the cap as little as possible in taking it off then put some hot glue in it an pushed it back on. Just make sure that the cap and rim are completely dry. I haven't had any problems with mine leaking to date. But then it mostly just sits on a shelf. I'd love to hear any other ideas for re-sealing that folks might have though.
You are so awesome for making these to share for free!!!
Maxaxle2 years ago
kmeyers3 years ago
wow. thank you. you did a super job n thanks again for sharing. the best i seen so far
I know this is about the labels but I can't help but ask. Did you make the nuka cola quantum? I want to make it as a gift for my boyfriend but I just can't find out how exactly :[
KneeCapHill3 years ago
What software did you use to create the layout of the labels ?
Im desperatly trying to create my own labels for some other game props
any advice ?
KneeCapHill3 years ago
Thx again for adding those sugar bombs ;)
you are the only one on web to have that label
jheyburn3 years ago
cram would be so cool bud
mfrost3 years ago
For resealing, I stick a small bit of cork from a wine cork under the cap, and then hot glue it. I carry mine around school occasionally, and have never had any leakage issues.
I'd think a little clear silicon would work to seal the caps as well. It's stickier than Hot glue. At least to glass. Depends on how much you use tho I guess.
jheyburn3 years ago
A cram label would be cool please
thanx for the tops sides and stuff to sugar bombs i aprecciate ur help and can u put more labels up plz like buffout or mentats?unless u already have them cause im a newb at this site
zdelaura4 years ago
Please make a Cram label please!
jmonty4 years ago
2 things. 1, isnt it blanco mac and cheese? and 2,u should make some nuka cola victory(:
tocsik (author)  jmonty4 years ago
You had me worried for a second, It's Blamco.

I don't think I'll get around to making victory. Things are kind of crazy for me right now, but if I do I'll let you know.
sparkeybird4 years ago
Hii I live in new zealand and you cant get thos bottles here how much would it cost for me to pay someone to go buy 4 of them and ship them over here? thanks :)
tocsik (author)  sparkeybird4 years ago
you can try searching for "Mexican Coca Cola" although I don't know how shipping if they'll ship to NZ or not.
zero8384 years ago
you should make sunset sarsaparilla from new vegas :D

Consume these at your own risk, right? at least you get the bottle cap to go with the rads when you drink the cola.
KneeCapHill4 years ago
Hey dude I know maybe you are in other works now but could you do the Sugar Bombs label ? It would realy be a kickass colectable prop. thx anyways
Thx man you made it ;)
tocsik (author)  KneeCapHill4 years ago
Done, I've sat down to do this several times in the past couple of days, but every time I decide not to. However, I finally forced myself to do one.
finfan74 years ago
I don't know if it's worth it for such a small quantity but I know from brewing that you can get bottle caps and bottle cappers at brew-your-own stores or online. Those would probably work perfectly to reseal the bottles.
coppeis4 years ago
Thanks a lot for putting the rest up! I :D
The bubblegum Is back over at as well as radioactive gumdrops and talon company armor how to's. The wasteland and I thank you.
coppeis4 years ago
can you please give me the pdf's of all the other foods?
tocsik (author)  coppeis4 years ago
yep, they are now attached to the final step.
kmeyers4 years ago
 very nice i love it : )
and bubblegum
SuperXmouse5 years ago
Just add cram and potato crisps.