So here is the finished Shishkebab.

We cut the blade and guard on a CNC Plasma cutter. its welded to the pipe fittings through the handle
The motorcycle tank is from a old Honda, unknown model and is attached with some all thread bolts and pvc to the tanks mountings points which are bolted through some holes we drilled in an military Alice Frame.
It does not light up, we wanted to sell it and not worry about legal issues arising from some crazy guy/gal running around with a flaming sword.
the model wielding this beast is my fiancee
<p>is there a different way to make it connect with a quantum &quot; 50's coke&quot; bottle or a different way to make the blade </p><p>#DIYawesomeness</p>
But will it give real flames.?
Looks really cool, but I know it takes more than<br>Motorcycle Gas Tank<br>Handbrake<br>Lawnmower Blade<br>Pilot light<br><br>hahahaha<br><br>I played way too much fallout
i know exactly how you feel
How much?
nice. it would be cool if you could make work
i got one word AMAZING and btw you fiance is sexy lol <br>and u should definitly make one of the guns like the plasma rifle
Hey this is totally awesome. You did a lot of work on this and I appreciate it. You are a true fallout fan.
omg a nerd!!!!! <br> <br>jk i love this and i love fallout good work(make it light up and ill love you)
now make it work.
&nbsp;im speachless on how great that is. u did a super job!!!! i mean its amazing.... WOW!
:D<br />
That is most rad, I need Instructions!
awsome that is probalbly the best
Impressive! I love the shishkebob! You could make the ripper next- (using a weak motor), as it's one of my favorite weapons, seconded only by the super sledge! Good work!
This is TOO awesome! This was one of the coolest weapons in Fallout 3 because it satisfies the pyro AND the sword people!<br />
Dude when your done you got to post the directions up.<br />
You forgot the oven glove. :?)<br />
&nbsp;freaking awesome ....
Five stars. <br />
i came.... no, seriously, that is really just badass. the weapon i use most in fallout :D<br />

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