Hi, I am absolutely obsessed with the Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas video games. I normally make my own zombie costumes, but this year I made the Fallout 3 Vault-tec boy with a radioactive arm growing out of his belly.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
1. Light blue, long sleeve shirt
2. Light blue sweatpants
3. T-shirt
4. Fake ARM (you need both the arm and hand)
5. Blue sewing thread & needle
6. Elastic - wide width, at least 1.5 inches
7. Yellow duct tape

Step 2: Sewing

With the long sleeve shirt on, insert the fake arm inside the sleeve to get the correct length and pin it. When sewing the arm you sew it higher than it needs to be, because the weight of the arm it will pull down. It is easier to hand sew, because the sewing machine will get in the way or get stuck. It took me a few tries before it was right.

HINT: After this step the arm will still sag - that's what the elastic is for.

Step 3: Elastic

The objective of this step is to provide support for the fake arm.  The elastic is sewn on the sleeve with the fake arm, stretches across the upper back and the other end is sewn on the opposite sleeve.  For this you need a buddy to help.

1. Sew on one end of the elastic to the spot of the fake arm where you sewed it to the long sleeve shirt.
2. Put on the long sleeve shirt.
3. Have your buddy measure the elastic to your other shoulder until the arm is at the same length as your other arm (the real one) and pin it.
4. Carefully remove the shirt and sew the elastic on the other sleeve of the shirt where your real arm goes.

Step 4: Cutting The Hole

Picture of Cutting The Hole
Put on the long sleeve shirt with fake arm sewn in and cut a slice in the shirt right above your belly. Take the shirt off and cut triangles around the slice. DO NOT make the hole too big - just enough to fit your arm through it.
I wouldn't have thought to add elastic with the arm.