The AER9 Laser Rifle is quite possibly the most recognizable object from the Fallout series. It embodies everything about the game, The "World of tomorrow today" feeling, the thought that everything is going to be possible in just a few years, a great war that applied these mentalities to weaponry.

Printing one has been a thought of mine ever since the AEP7 Laser pistol, now about 2 years ago. It wasn't really that it wasn't possible, it would just take a ridiculous amount of time. After one too many requests from people, I finally decided that I might as well do it, and here we are. A completely 3D printable version of the AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout. Because I like making it difficult for myself, I made one with a working reloading mechanism. Also I added laser and laser sound to it, to make it even better. This model is about as accurate as I can make it.

Now not everyone might like the challenge of the working reloading mechanism and I have to be honest. I thought it would be simpler when I was designing it. It is quite a difficult (but rewarding) addition. Because of the difficulty, I have also added the files to make a Laser Rifle without the reloading mechanism.

The Laser Rifle is over 850mm long (3') and weighs about 1.5kg. It took well over 70 hours to print and double that for all other assembly steps. I will also have to warn anyone that wants to make one of these, this is a difficult project. The non-reloading version is a massive job printing and assembling. The reloading version requires additional skill and a bit of improvisation to assemble. Only start on this if you are sure you can handle it. If you do finish one, I assure you that it is worth it.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make an AER9 Laser Rifle, you will need a few things. What you will need regardless of version is:

Necessary materials

  • 3D printing Filament, at least 1kg, probably a bit more;
  • Aluminium tube, 12-13mm OD, 185mm long;
  • Aluminium strip, 2x10mm and 2x20mm, about 200mm each;
  • Plastic glue;
  • Silver (nickel), green, yellow, red and black paint;
  • Sandpaper;
  • 2 small cross headed screws (1-2mm thread OD) for the back;

Screws, nuts and bolts are counted by hand in the CAD model, so I might have missed one or two. Please consider this when ordering.

  • 3x M3 screw, 10mm (DIN 84);
  • 3x M3 countersunk screw, 6mm (DIN 963);
  • 6x M3 countersunk screw, 10mm (DIN 963);
  • 8x M3 countersunk screw, 16mm (DIN 963);
  • 6x M3 hex cylindrical screw, 10mm (DIN 912);
  • 1x M3 hex cylindrical screw, 16mm (DIN 912);
  • 1x M4 threaded rod, 22mm;
  • 2x M4 threaded rod, 28-30mm;
  • 1x M4 threaded rod, 36mm;
  • 2x M4 nut (DIN 934);
  • 1x M4 hex cylindrical screw, 10mm (DIN 912);
  • 2x M4 hex cylindrical screw, 16mm (DIN 912);
  • 3x M4 hex cylindrical screw, 20mm (DIN 912);
  • 3x M4 hex cylindrical screw, 40mm (DIN 912);


  • A 3D printer, capable of support material, roughly 140mm x 140mm x 140mm;
  • Basic pliers, screwdrivers and hex keys;
  • Files (diamond files work great on plastic)
  • Paper color printer to make the decals;
  • (Optional soldering iron);

To make the Reloading mechanism, you will need additionally:

  • 2x 8mm round steel rod, 110mm;
  • 2x LM8UU bearing;
  • 4x 624ZZ bearing;
  • Rubber band (1mm OD), at least 0.5m in total;
  • 2x M3 hex cylindrical screw, 6mm (DIN 912);
  • 2x M3 hex cylindrical screw, 8mm (DIN 912);
  • 5x M3 hex cylindrical screw, 10mm (DIN 912);
  • 3x M3 grub screw, 4mm (DIN 916);
  • 1x M3 grub screw, 8mm (DIN 916);
  • 2x M3 grub screw, 16mm (DIN 916);
  • 2x M4 threaded rod, 58mm;
  • 7x M4 nut (DIN 934);
  • 8x M4 washer (DIN 125-1a);

Optional materials to make it sound and laser work:

  • Arduino Uno;
  • Arduino Wave shield;
  • Speakers;
  • 5V red laser module (12mm OD version preferred);
<p>hi, i'm sorry but where is the page for print the decals?</p>
<p>Can't get the PDF since I'm not a pro....:(</p>
<p>Hey! I have been also toying with the idea of a T-60 Power Armour build. I found some files on Thingiverse and and been printing out the Power Armour Frame. My goal is to use some basic hydraulics to actuate the parts so that the suit can open up just like in the game. I am going to need some help with the actual armour panels themselves though! Lets collaborate! </p>
<p>I don't know how much help I would be but I think the power armor idea would be awesome especially with everything being exchangeable on it in fallout 4. I'd really like to help if it is needed and know some people who would be willing to help with making the HUD for the helmet (designing how the HUD would work as well as programming it to work).</p>
What software did you use to make those renders? Auto desk inventor?
<p>That would be Solidworks. </p>
<p>hey dragonator, i love your work, and i am planing a little project. i just need a bit of help. could you make your laser pistol with a screw-on access panel on top and resize it to fit these?</p><p> <a href="https://www.ukecigstore.com/aw-imr-18650-2000amh-battery.html" rel="nofollow">https://www.ukecigstore.com/aw-imr-18650-2000amh-b...</a></p><p>thank you in advance, and i wiish you luck with your hydroponics, and your new printers.</p>
<p>very nice build well worth the time and effort only issue i had was the elastic band locations need to be clearer.</p>
Definitely awesome! As a fan of the Fallout series I really like <br>this!
As a Fallout fan I love your idea! Nice project! ;)

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