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This is my costume for this year. I made the mask portion from Instamorph and painted it over (the top part was a military helmet; I shaped the mask to fit it). The side rig was also made of Instamorph. The lights were done using Arduino. The armor was made from  a foam mat, cut and shaped with heat. For the duster, I took an old coat we had lying around the house, dyed it, and added a rain cape on top of it.


kmendoza7 (author)2013-07-23

Aw I need to make this (author)2012-12-11

Hello love this I am going to hopefully start some projects but I hope you continue any upcoming ones like this

jessyratfink (author)2012-11-01

This looks great. I really do need to make some Fallout armor one of these days. :D

Escap075 (author)jessyratfink2012-11-01

Thanks! It was a bit of a time consuming endeavor, but totally worth it.

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