Introduction: Fallout Pipboy Mach 1

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this is a cheap homemade pip boy

Step 1: Materials

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what you need
1. PVC pipe and heater
2. gorilla glue
3. a phone case
4. a phone

Step 2: Assembly

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1. fit the PVC to your arm using the PVC heater the form it.
2. flatten a side to fit your phone.
3. glue the phone case to the PVC
4. download the fallout pipboy app
5. paint if needed


grim2104 (author)2016-08-26

i thought you glued the phone to the pvc tube. lol i had know idea you used a case. im glad i used an old Iphone 5

sir fishton (author)grim21042016-08-26

Man that sucks sorry I wasn't clear enough

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