Picture of False-Bottom Candy Pail
Trick your way into more treats with this sliding-panel false-bottom candy pail!

This is an extremely low-tech way to conceal how much candy you've already collected on your rounds and encourage pity and greater generosity from candy-givers.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
  • two candy pails -- I used two pumpkin pails from the drug store
  • cutting tool -- I used and x-acto knife, but wish I'd had a carpet knife
  • tape measure
  • marking tool

Step 2: Make the slot

Picture of Make the slot
Decide how much depth you need for your hidden stash. I chose 3".

Measure up from the bottom and mark a straight line across the back half of the pail.

Cut across this line

Step 3: Make the false bottom

Picture of Make the false bottom
From pail #2, cut a piece the same width as the slot you made.

Make sure it's long enough to cover the bottom and stick out a little in the back to act as a grip.

It's great to use the pumpkin pails because the height of the pail gives you exactly enough coverage and sticks out the back perfectly.

Step 4: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Slide the false bottom you've cut into the slot in the first pail.

Since I used the molded pumpkins, the false bottom acted as a roll-top device, which turned out to be pretty slick. The candy slides off the top of the curve and practically hides itself!

Step 5: Hide that stash!

Picture of Hide that stash!
After receiving your candy, make sure you're no one's watching as you pull the false bottom out from the back of the pail and drop all the candy to the bottom.

Replace false bottom and hit the next house!

"What? You've got no candy? You poor dear! Here, take some more..."

Try not to look too smug.

pcanywii1 year ago
Nice, extra candy but everybody only gives 'fun' size.
arpoky4 years ago
Why not take this idea and supersize it? Let's mod this for costumes that use a cloak:
1. Cut the bottom out of the the bucket.
2. Attach a dark, cloth tube to the open-bottom bucket, being sure to keep the seam from being noticed.
3. Make a large--and I mean large--pocket inside the cloak.
4. Cut a hole on the outer side of the pocket.
5. Sew the tube to the pocket.

Instructions for use:
After deliciously-delectable morsels are deposited into Smiley-Gourd Pail, pull back the cover over the hole in the bottom (Like thy one demonstrated in this Instructable). Let said morsels fall into thy sack inside thy cloak, and continue thy journey through thine neighborhood, and cheat thy neighbors out of their sweet-goodness.
Boppylop arpoky2 years ago
LOLZ! i love this mod.
SageMinto4 years ago
Hey that's cheating!! lol

Very creative!
Man, that's SICK!
bounty10126 years ago
Maybe reversing the bottom to make it a little less obvious but overall nice idea.
nerdologist6 years ago
Way to work the system! I will remember to make one for my nephew...
I think I'll try this with my pillow case. Should be easy. MUHAHAHA!!!>:-> Very nice instructable. This will also come in hand when people mug you for candy.
Haha. Just where are you trick or treating? :P Miss, you are going to become a very popular person for the kids in your area. Great idea!
frittsvl6 years ago
So that's where you hide the candy...This would be great to outwit the workplace candy mooch hummm.
lawizeg6 years ago
Nice trick!
kronkoburg6 years ago
This is sweet... sweet like CANDY!
JellyWoo6 years ago
hehe, cool trick.
Great idea! i tinks ill try dat.
PKM6 years ago
Hehe.. nice trick, and it's a good illustrator of the psychology of giving gifts. The scientist in me wants to equip two similarly photogenic children with one regular pail and one of these to perform a controlled trial :)
necropolian6 years ago
really a good idea. too bad 'all hallows eve' isn't so popular here in limburg (belgium). if you suddenly stand in front of your door, they will maybe give a cookie. or stuff that was supposed to be eaten before the 20th april,5 years ago...
edbrannan6 years ago
That's a really good idea. Makes me want to go try it out!
Plasmana6 years ago
What a great way to get more candy!
T-K6 years ago
turn the thingy upside down to give the impression of upside downness so if they look into ur bucket they dont see this bis orange lump
T-K T-K6 years ago
sorry i mean big
ChrysN6 years ago
Very clever.
Bartboy6 years ago

great Idea!