Here is an ideal  Iced Faluda drink for  a picnic  on a sunny , warm day.

This is a special home made Faluda,  which is very healthy and cools the body with two special ingredients called china grass and  and Tukmaria.I think Tukmaria is basil seed.Please Google and find out the name in your language.

China grass (agar agar) is from  sea weeds, and Tukmaria  is an edible vegetable seed.There is white Tukmaria too.So far I have not come across the white Tukmaria.

I remember my mum making this drink for us in the good old days.Specially when it is very warm .Infact now I continue making this drink rather than having Cola Pepsi sprite etc etc  which is not good for our health.

Step 1: Ingredients

Rose essence (not included)
China Grass
Ice cream
Food colouring

<p>This looks so amazing and beautiful! I have to try it! :D</p>
we have been having this drink often, while its so delicious, its refreshing
ideal cooling drink during summer....
looks yummmyyyyyy!!!!!
Try this...It is warm now ...keeps you cooooool.
having it today :-)
How was it?Did you manage to get the two ingredients in your country?
Had it a few days ago and is perfect for a warm day.Delicious...........................
Thanks!I am glad you like it.

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