my first rubberband knex gun

Step 1: The Butt of the Gun

not too hard

Step 2: Making the Middle With the Handel

its not much for the middle although

Step 3: Connecting Handel With the Butt

connecting the two

Step 4: The Trigger

sorry for the bad pictures i know their kinda dark or low quality

Step 5: The Top

making the top for the the next step srry that its kinda blury

Step 6: Connect the Body to the Trigger

connecting the butt of the gun on the trigger onto the trigger

Step 7: Making and Connecting

make the front and connect the piece from step 5
No, just no.
 EPIC FAIL... no offense 
 epic fail.
no offense but it is down right bad it needs mag and well it needs to be bigger
im sorry but that thing fails it doesnt even have a fake mag
Ok Im building a famas also, but at this time its just a model, Should I post? It should be done by tommorow.
Heres the picture :D pay no attention to my feet....
I made a shooting one, it looks very accurate. I might post some pictures later this day, cuz im off to school now.
ok Post it please I would really love to have one that fired (Even better if it was automatic)
very nice, I am sorry I am not able to complete or upgrade my current Famas. It's been like....destroyed? lol
lol thanks
Not that good. try making something new instead of something of which we have 100+ of. For example, an MG or maybe a full auto K'nex gun.
but we have a million full autos on this site, and this is the only famas there is lol.
shut up hes new so give him a break.plus you aint made a mg or a full auto knex gun
Actually, I made three MGs.
Making an MG with a new system isn't all that easy.
LOL, i have the biggest knex gun and the first triggerable chaingun.
All of your MGs use the same system and you haven't made any full autos. So there's no need to go to every Knex Instructable you deem "unworthy" and say "This sucks! Build something we don't have a billion of like a machine gun or a full auto!" Anyone could post a machine gun Knex Instructable if he wanted to. I could whip out 10+ designs right now and post them all. But then we'd be in the same situation with the MGs.
Well, then. maybe we need to think outside the gun realm. Ball towers. Im makin the instructable right now.
i dnt think ball machine guns are interesting... unless u like them to the face lol!
What irony. He's made posted the most MG's on this whole site.
well said
than why isnt it finished,it shoudent be an instructable.
it was a mistake
finish it
wat u want to make it or u wanna see if its gonna suck even more
i wanna make it
its simple to make from just looking at one of the pictures.
XD modding time oh oh oh oh modding time
Is that sposed to look like this?
sorta it was a little bit off but it was just ment for shooting rubber bands.
It just loox a little to skeletony.
how are we suposed to make the front if you didn't show us how to?
I agree...how do you make the front end?
Sorry for all the messup, i forgot but my gun ended up in getting destroyed. i think it was in a box and everything ontop crushed it, sorry but i cannot continue further. My gun wasnt good anyways so try looking for other instructible creaters with there Famas.
another comment... how does the gun shoot
nice gun for the first one :) i made a Famas that looks much more like a famas :p
then post dipwad
yo that gun looks like 2 year old made it
you didnt tell us how to make the front, waste of time.
looks cool
add the rest of the instructions
why dont u add the rest of the instructions the ste is called instructables right so give us the rest of the directions
How many rubberbands does it shoot at a time?
as many as u can put on the gears i can fit like 4 but i think it can fit 3 for both sides but sometimes its hard to do it
lol y do ppl always add comments that say the same thing even after it is answered y
nice but my famas rules
well this instructible isnt finished but thanks
mines like 80 times better! lol

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