Recently, I build the FAMAS G2 made by dr. richtofen

In this review i am going to grade every statistic there is to grade

SOOOOOOOO. without further talking

Lets get started

If you want to build it yourself:https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-FAMAS-G2-Instructions/

slideshow: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-FAMAS-G2-1/

Step 1: The Stats

The Stats go as follows

- looks

- power

- reliability

- sturdyness

- comfort

- function

Lets start

Looks: 10/10 (very good looking, i can not complain about the looks at all)

power: 0/10 (the gun is just a model, it does not shoot)

reliability: 0/10 (come on guys, it is a model. not a firearm)

sturdyness: 8/10 (The gun is a bit twisty, but not too much)

comfort: 9/10 (shouldering the gun is fine, but for me the handle is a bit cramped)

function: 9/10 (the charging handle and the trigger work fine, but the magwell is a bit too big for the mag, so it can move, but not fall out, i placed a metallic one slot connector on the other side of the magwell to prevent that from happening)

Step 2: My Opinion

This gun is great to mess around with. even outside, just yelling: pew pew with it.

It is a great reccomendation and be sure to check out dr. richoften account for even more awesome models.

Thanks for reading and stay yourself

(Monkey out)

<p>Nice review!</p>
<p>I also applied for the first time author contest. Check it out if you like and vote for me if you want me to win (only if you want to vote)</p>
<p>Already said this in a PM, but thanks for the review~</p><p>It's been a while since I posted this one, maybe I'll revisit it sometime and improve some parts (such as the magwell that's slightly too large).<br>Glad you liked it!</p>
Nice gun :)
<p>You did great on this gun! I hope you continue these awesome builds in the future! Plus, the Famas is my favorite gun!</p><p>~Master-splinter306</p>

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