Familie Binder - Stool by Margit Grein�cker & Katja Seifert





Introduction: Familie Binder - Stool by Margit Grein�cker & Katja Seifert

Familie Binder is a small family of furniture consisting of the stool 44/17, the chair 44/21 and the lounger 46/16. The seats are conceptualized for home assembly.
Once cut, polished and drilled, the wooden parts are simply put together using a cable tie.
Familie Binder was designed by Upper Austrian designers Clemens Bauder, Margit Greinocker, Michael Holzer, Magdalena Reiter, Klaus Michael Scheibl and Katja Seifert.
The furniture is designed according to open design guidelines. Therefore, the conceptual designs are publicly accessible and can be copied and further developed.
Familie Binder is happy to keep growing. If you design new offspring, please send us photos for addition to the family album to office@creativeregion.org.

a project by CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria
photos by Helga Traxler

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Joints

Step 3: Cutting Pattern

Step 4: Assembly Instructions

Step 5:

You can download a manual for all three furniture pieces here.



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    I found is that even after trimming the tails as much as possible, you'll end up with an edge that will scratch your skin. One solution I found is to point them towards the inside as much as possible away from human skin. When this is not possible, melt the trimmed end with a hot iron tip taking care not to destroy the locking mechanism and try not to breath in the fumes.

    I don't understand, is this Ikea for homeless people?

    Obvious, now you point it out. Brilliantly simple idea, and many more uses than furniture - I'm thinking garden frames/whatever, where the plastic won't rot or rust as glue and metal fixings do. Concerning comments about the ties scratching, it wouldn't be difficult to cut/grind/sand grooves along the ties' paths to allow the ties to sit flush.

    i downloaded the pdf thanks to you. bloody shame it's in german though, but i'm sure it won't be too difficult to follow with the diagrams. thanks for posting this!

    uh... sorrry, i didn't intend to link to the german file... here is the the english version http://www.creativeregion.org/familiebinder/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/FamilieBinder_CC-BY-SA_english_2013.pdf

    Awesome, I'm gonna make these!

    ignore the zip tie haters.

    I think they left the tails on for illustration.