Family Road Trips: Build a Masking Tape Wall to Prevent Backseat Boredom





Introduction: Family Road Trips: Build a Masking Tape Wall to Prevent Backseat Boredom

Are we there yet? The problem with the backseat is that it's just so boring back there, and you can only play so many games of "I Spy" before somebody gets antsy. After that, well, all sorts of shenanigans happen.

This little project has all the hallmarks of a fabulous kid project. It lets them make a bit of a mess, gets them working toward a common goal, and cleans up easy-peasy.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
*  two or more bored kids in the backseat
* one roll of masking tape for each kid

Step 2: Create a Dividing Line

Start by using one or two strips of tape to mark off a line down the middle of the backseat.

Step 3: Add Tape Strips at Different Levels

Place additional tape strips horizonally to start to build the wall.

Step 4: Create a Lattice

Before you know it, the wall will take shape. Have the kids continue to add strips for as long as they want, making the wall as solid as they like.

Step 5: Tear It Down and Clean Up

Part of the fun is tearing down the wall when you get to your destination. Roll the tape into a ball when you're finished. No muss, no fuss.



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    Did anyone else see the photoshop or am I crazy

    I love the idea! But, how do you keep them from "taping up" each other?

    Heh. Taping up each other is half the fun!