Picture of Family Unity Sand - Custom Colours & DIY~!

I fell in love with the idea of Unity Sand!  We blended two families together when we got married this April, for a total of four kids and the two grown ups.  A new family, coming together... though the unity sand sets can be a bit pricey, plus, the extra vases, plus, purchasing the different colours of sand....

The idea is that each member of the family puts their color sand in to the vase during the wedding ceremony.  It represents the creation of something beautiful from each persons individual colours.  I love it!  And it's a lovely keepsake of the wedding!  A reminder of how each person is equally important and part of the family.

The symbolizm was important to me... but the kids were more interested in the fun part!  Coloring the sand!  It became a family project!  It's easy to color sand, and each member was able to create their own colors using food coloring!  (Which for me, added even MORE to the symbolizm!)  And I loved getting them involved in the wedding planning!

Extra Plus... buying coloured sand at the craft store is $5 each little bag.  Buying a 50lb bag of silica sand to colour at the Home Improvement store, $10!  Family Fun to make coloured sand... priceless ;)
This is entered into the Wedding DIY Contest.  Browse the entries for more great ideas... and vote for those you like!

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Step 1: Gather The Materials

Picture of Gather The Materials


Bag of Silica Sand (I got mine from Home Depot. I got a 50lb bag)
Silica Sand is the best type, in my opinion, as it's nice and white.  But online I found that people also colored play sand.  I would assume it would be darker colours though.
Food Coloring (The liquid kind is what I used)
Water, bowls, Spoons, Newspaper
Glass vase (Value Village find for me! Second Hand Stores are goldmines!)
Small glass vases (Micheals Craft Store is where I found mine, Dollar Store would work too!)
lgama-lopez10 months ago
Love this idea. I'm having a hard time finding silica sand. Could you please be more specific. No one seems to know what it is. Thank you so much in advance.
aroberts223 years ago
We are getting married and also have 4 kids. I refuse to get married without incorporating the kids into the ceremony. I love the idea of the untiy sand and was looking all over the web for supplies! I'm glad I found this my kids will love making their own sand and having the exact shade of their favorite color and it will save us money. Thanks!
nomij (author)  aroberts223 years ago
Awesome! I am so glad you are able to use my discovery!

I too really wanted to let the kids know how important they were as a part of the new family! They live with their mom, and we have them on the weekends, so some ideas were a bit too "serious" (ie, presentation of a necklace, and me saying I will love them as my own, which I will, but they have a great mom already, I didn't want to over do it!).
And the money saving idea of silica sand... I want to proclaim it so everyone knows they don't have to spend $$ on colors that don't even look good together!!!
Enjoy your wedding! I had a blast!
I've not heard of a "Sand Ceremony" before, but it seems like a nice idea. The sand should not mix as long as the jar/vase is COMPLETLY full and sealed.
Tempera paint powder is used to color sand for sandpainting. Very nice ible!
nomij (author)  cloudifornia3 years ago
Really? That sounds interesting! I looked all over for ideas. I saw that chalk powder, made from chalk and sandpaper, was used to colour salt for children's sand art at camps and daycares, etc. Interesting that powder would work so well!
Thanks! >^,,^<
Kiteman3 years ago
This is a cool idea, one I've never heard of before.

I have seen layers-of-coloured-sand-in-a-jar sold as tourist gewgaws before - how did you solve the problem of layers slowly mixing as the ornament is moved?
Its a Sand Ceremony, and it seems to becoming more and more popular at weddings now. I was at a wedding a little while back, just prior to an unexpected funeral, and they were saying it this is kind of the, "New Black" type of thing to for weddings.

Very cool Ible nomij! :D
nomij (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
We try not to move it too much! But I think the best solution is that we added sand all the way to the top, and tapped it slightly to pack it in, and filled a bit more before putting the cork in. (This done after the ceremony, of course!) Also, next we are going to strengthen the cork closure using wax, or rubber cement.

Thanks for the comment!
ChrysN3 years ago
Neat idea, and it is so pretty too.