This instructable is how to make a survival pack for your whole family in case of an emergency.
This pack can be used for
- Evacuation
- Blizzard
- Alien invasion
- Zombie infestation
- War survival
- Any other emergency where you may need to leave your home in a hurry or if resources are limited.

Step 1: Basic Nessesities

First you will need to get every one in you family a duffel bag and a back pack children under 9 can have just a back pack. Also every one needs a sleeping bag. When geting a sleeping bag it is better to get a rectangle shaped bag.

One important thing missing is a water purifier. Also you may want some soap and a towel Additionally when picking food you want to focus on calorie dense foods (no lite or lo-cal soups). I'd add some hard candy with a long shelf life. In an emergency situation your focus on food is not on nutrition but rather on making sure your caloric needs are being met. As with any food products (even in cans) you need to keep an eye on the experation date. Checking the pack periodically (every 6 months or before tornado, hurricane, whatever season) and replacing any perishable goods needs to be mentioned. Finally, if you're going to carry a gun (and I don't think it's a bad idea), you need to make sure your carrying it within local and state laws (Does the gun need tto be locked in a case? Does the ammo need to be in a seaperate container?). In an emergency situation the authorities are on high alert and the chances you could be confronted by cops, national guard or who ever is greatly increased. Mike
Noticed this item: small sowing kit and was wonder why you didn't mention what sort of seeds you plan to sow? small sewing kit, perhaps? 15 pair of underwear seems excessive for survival, unless they have other uses... Water is very important, ground water is often contaminated during flooding. You should also include some quick-energy food items, for hauling around all that crap, plus if the temperature is low, you'll be burning up a lot of calories maintaining body heat. Pocket knife might be good to keep the kids amused, but you should pack at least one real knife. Might help protect your underwear from those who didn't pack enough, and might be useful for acquiring supplies you didn't think to pack.

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