Famous Nimboo Lemon DRINK.


Introduction: Famous Nimboo Lemon DRINK.

In this Instructable you will Learn about how to make a Famous Drink known as NIMBOO LEMOM Drink it is easy to make and you can also serve it to your guest.

Things Youll Need -:
1. 2-3 pinches of Black salt
2. 2 pinches of Black pepper
3. A shaker
4. Carbonated water(Club Soda) 1 glass
5. Sugar syrup(As per your taste)
6. Crushed Ice
7. 1 Lemon

Step 1:

Put crushed Ice in the Shaker and sprinkle Black salt,Black pepper on the ice.

Step 2:

Pour the sugar syrup and lemon juice on the Ice and after adding sugar syrup Pour the Carbonated water in the shaker fastly make sure the quantity is not more than the Black salt and Black pepper.Now shake the shaker and Pour it in a glass and serve it.



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    Black salt is also called rock salt.

    Black salt is also called rock salt.

    What is black salt?