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The project is a fan controller, it's a simple remote switch power via IR.
In my case I am going to use the switch power to turn on/off a wall fan with a remote controller of the television.


Fez Domino ( it's similar as Arduino but you code it in C# )
IR Receive Brakout
Relay 230V
Remote IR
Power BOX

The project is using Fez Domino instead Arduino because I realized that this kind of platform it's too slowly and it good only for small project as this.
I figured out what is the code of a special button on the remote controller and I coded the Fez Domino to intercept it. When it intercept the IR code, it turns on or off ( status = ! actual status ) the Relay.

I recycled  a old Nokia power supply and it consume only 1.5 Watt..


mahmed abdelalim (author)2013-04-14

where is the code

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