Introduction: Fanbrellan

The 'Snuggie' of the summer as I am calling it.  The Fanbrellan is a fan and an umbrella mixed into one.  It provides shade from the hot sun, keeps you dry while you are tanning around a pool, and even fans you when you get too hot! The best part is, it is made out of recycled paper cups!



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     Love it.  Rain-X is a nice touch, too.  Any plans for some kind of mount so it can be used as an umbrella?  I suppose that would make it ineffective as a fan, though.  

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     Originally, that's what I was going to make.  The problem with that is, there is not enough surface area on a handle to connect properly.  What I had planned, was to roll the cups tightly together.  Later I was hoping to weave them into the top, but that lead to leakage issues.  

    Maybe you could attach a non eco-friendly hinge such as in the image, but have layered paper cups where it would fold up and down to, such as in the other image. I would do it myself, but I don't use paper cups more then maybe several times a year... which really is not that much of an understatement. Sorry if you don't use windows and can't view these .bmp files... to lazy to get out Gimp