Fancy Corkboard Recycled From an Old Corkboard





Introduction: Fancy Corkboard Recycled From an Old Corkboard

I have an old corkboard that's too big for my corner office. Instead of chucking it out, why not recycle and turn it to (drumroll) a CORKBOARD!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. Corksheet. I got mine by rippping it off its board.
2. Wood glue
3. Saw - manual or electric
4. Branches - thickness is really up to you. mine's about 2 inches or more thick
5. Scissors, cutters, pens. cutting mat. Basic cutting stuff.

Step 2: Cut the Branches

Using your saw, cut your branches. I choose those who have a unique shape, not just round. It really up to you how thick you would like them to be. You can make all the same thickness. I did mine in different thicknesses so that it can have a 3D look. Mark them with numbers or letters. Why? I'll explain shortly.

Step 3: Tracing the Corksheet

Get your corksheet. The side youre looking at is the backside (the one stuck on the board) Mine's pretty easy to take off the board.

Trace you branch 'chips' on the cork. Because each has a unique shape, it will save you a lot of time by marking the traced shape on the cork with the number you marked on your chips.

Step 4: Cut the Cork


Step 5: Glue to Your Wood Chips

Step 6: Play With the Design/shape

Feel free to arrange it any way you like.

Step 7: Glue It on Your Board.

I used a piece of thin plywood that's just lying around.  Glue the wood branches on the plywood.

Step 8: Cut the Board Into Desired Shape.

I used a jigsaw on this one cutting from the other side

Step 9: Mount on You Wall.

I used double sided foam tape for this one. This is a bit heavy so make sure you are using enough tape. You can also hang this by using hooks. There you have it.



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If you spray paint it purple and add a stem it's a grape corkboard! Even fancier :)

haha i see what you mean :)

What kind of saw did you use to cut the branches?

 i used a electric jigsaw

 Interesting, so you just sort of held the branch down with one hand, and then cut the branch with the other?

 Great use of old trees, I love how the cut bits of branch add a bit more dimension, and the different sections can sorta be used to organise things a little.

this is really cool, a friend of mine is from Africa (moved here when he was 6) so I thought making it into the shape of africa would be really cool. I also, like gmjhowe said, love the depth from the branch thicknesses. Great Instrucatable :)