Introduction: Fancy Fan Flyers

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Use paper, tape, and scissors to create a quick set of flying objects. This is a great activity for grade school kids on up!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

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You need

  • a fan
  • some blocks to prop up the fan with
  • scissors
  • tape
  • Elmer's glue
  • colored pens

Step 2:

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Step 3: Setup Your Fan

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You want to prop up your fan off the ground so that air can flow straight up in the air. The goal is to send your fan flyers up as high as you can. If the fan is not propped up, it will not be able to send air up.

Step 4:

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Step 5: The Basics

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You want to build something that will catch the air and help prepare it up.

The simplest version is to roll some paper and tape it in a tube shape.

Step 6: The Basics Step 2

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Then cut small strips into one end of the tube.

Step 7: The Basics Step 3

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Fan out all the little strips you have caught to catch as much wind as possible.

Step 8: More Fancy

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Of course you can beautify this up by adding color and changing their shape.

You can paint them before you shape them.

Step 9:

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when you roll them, after they are colored, they take on a whole new look.

Step 10: Color After Assembly

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this is also an option and for more complicated shapes, it may be necessary.

Step 11: Let Them Fly

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Once you are ready, hold them over the fan and let them FLY! Have fun.


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