Picture of Fancy Flower Cupcakes
Flower cupcakes are great for so many occasions.  In this instructable I will teach you some of my favorite techniques to make on your own. 

Step 1: Make the cake

Picture of Make the cake
Pick your favorite recipe or box cake mix and bake. I made a delicious yellow cake recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.
ehudwill2 years ago
Those are beautiful!
khawkins1 (author)  ehudwill2 years ago
Thank you Will.
dhaw2 years ago
They look yummy! Good job, Kelly!
khawkins1 (author)  dhaw2 years ago
Thank you!
Very beautiful! I love the color of that blue one and I love the pearl sprinkles in the pink one!
khawkins1 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you!