Maybe you're giving your loved one(s) a wonderful and romantic night in with heart-felt DIY gifts. If you're talented in the kitchen, or just want to show off by making something that sounds hard but is really quite easy, then this Eclair Instructable is for you.

I haven made a few Instructables that will lead you easily to this final product. You will need:
1 X recipe of Pate a Choux
1X recipe of Pastry Cream
Heavy Cream
Dark or milk chocolate, per your preference.

Additionally, you will need several pastry piping tips. A long injection tip will do nicely, a plain round one in the smallest circumference that you have, and another tip two times as big. Tip # 802/Wilton 12. If you do not have a tip, I will give you an alternative way to make and fill your eclairs.

  Make sure your pastry cream is properly chilled before starting this Instructable. I recommend having this dessert ready no more than 4 hours before you are going to serve it.

Step 1: Mise En Place!

As I mentioned before, make and chill your pastry cream before beginning this.

Make your Pate a Choux and place it in a pastry bag fitted with your tip # 802/Wilton 12. If you do not have a pastry bag, you can use a coupler and a ziploc. If you have neither bag nor tip, use a small cookie scoop. If you have no scoop, use two spoons.

I use a coffee press to hold my pastry bag as I fill it. Anything cylindrical and hollow should do the trick.

Put your heavy cream in a pot. If you are using blocks of chocolate, chop and measure 4oz. If you are using chips or pastilles, skip the chopping and just measure. Set aside.
Have a small bowl of water ready.

Prepare your sheet pans with parchment paper. Place a dab of Choux batter under the paper at each corner to prevent it from moving around as you begin to pipe. If you have a convection oven this will also prevent the paper flying around and ruining your work.

Heat your oven to 350F/175C degrees.
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