Fancy Nameplate




Introduction: Fancy Nameplate

This is a cool origami nameplate that can outclass most, if not all, origami name plates. Its unique diamond design and coolness will help you stand out from the crowd. This is an excellent origami mini-project to do when bored and have a piece of notebook paper in range. I hope you have fun with this simple instructable!

Step 1: The Paper...

Use a rectangular piece of paper, preferably notebook paper if possible.

Step 2: Fold Into Fourths

Fold the paper hamburger-style then fold it again in the same fashion.

Step 3: Squash Fold

Do a squash fold on both sides (making sure the short side of the paper is facing you), making a triangle. Crease well.

Step 4: Making the Shape

On one side, fold the flaps inside so they are hidden when the paper is flipped. On the other side, fold the tips of the other triangle towards you like you are making airplane wings. Crease well.

Step 5: Making the Finishing Touches

Finish your new nameplate by folding the triangle (with the tips folded inside) up at about the top. Now you can write on the "airplane wings" and you are FINISHED!



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    I made this and I suck at orgami✌?️

    Please post more pictures later! I would like to see where the name goes. Do you wear the nameplate or put it on your desk?