Picture of Fancy Pom Pom Pens!  A Great Holiday Gift for Kids to make!
Fancy Pom Pom Pens!

This is a simple project that I did with my 8 year old daughter.
These would make darling holiday gifts for a school teacher or friends!

Step 1: Pom Pom 101:

Picture of Pom Pom 101:
Needed Supplies:
Yarn, bakers twine, embroidery floss, or string of some variety.
Wire (lightweight bendy wire for tying off)
4 pronged fork...a 2" strip of cardboard...or a pom pom maker.

Pens and hot glue for later.

You'll need to know the basics of Pom Pom making.
Here we go.
Cindy021 year ago
Soooooo cute...love it
can I just buy one lol
Renee!2 years ago
These are so cute and easy to make! Thanks for sharing the great gift idea ;)
HollyMann2 years ago
WOW so glad i saw this! I am making some of these for my nieces gift baskets for Christmas - they will love them!!!!!! SOO CUTE! best idea!
stinastar2 years ago
I'm making pom-poms for gifts but wasn't sure what to make out of them. Thanks for the awesome idea! An additional idea is to make the colors of the pom-pom in football team or school colors and make them into keychains.
doodlecraft (author)  stinastar2 years ago
That's a fun idea! :)
ski020042 years ago
I love the way the pom poms look with twine! I've never thought of using anything except yarn. You are always thinking outside the box. I love it!
i love those pen
doodlecraft (author)  jessyho8620132 years ago
Thanks! There's something so much funner about writing, if you have a cute pen! :)
haha thanks i have one cute pen with flower on it lolz :)
You are so cool!
doodlecraft (author)  The King of Random2 years ago
Thanks! We just keep ourselves busy!
Yes you do! Where do you get your ideas??
I remember making these in art class in Elementary school! So much fun...
doodlecraft (author)  TheProcrastibaker2 years ago
Wow! And here I thought it was an original... Yes, they are so much fun! Cool pens help my 4 year old want to start writing and drawing. (I was worried that I might have an uncreative son) :) Thanks!
We never made the pom-poms themselves, just glued pre-made ones to the top of pens and wrapped them up! I'm excited to try and make one myself!
haha love it