Fancy Pom Pom Pens! a Great Holiday Gift for Kids to Make!





Introduction: Fancy Pom Pom Pens! a Great Holiday Gift for Kids to Make!

Fancy Pom Pom Pens!

This is a simple project that I did with my 8 year old daughter.
These would make darling holiday gifts for a school teacher or friends!

Step 1: Pom Pom 101:

Needed Supplies:
Yarn, bakers twine, embroidery floss, or string of some variety.
Wire (lightweight bendy wire for tying off)
4 pronged fork...a 2" strip of cardboard...or a pom pom maker.

Pens and hot glue for later.

You'll need to know the basics of Pom Pom making.
Here we go.

Step 2: Make the Pom.

Here's a couple ways to do a pom pom.

I take a strip of cardboard...2 inches wide (doesn't matter how long)
and wrap your bakers twine, yarn,
embroidery floss, thread, rope...around it.

Keep wrapping!
The bigger pouf you want it to have, the more you need to wrap it!
I say about 100 times...or so.  (This is where my daughter came in...she's a pro wrapper)

When it is bulky enough,
carefully slide off the cardboard, keeping it bundled.
Take some wire, more yarn or twine, or a twist tie,
and wrap it tight around the center of the bundle.
Use wire or something stiff if you are planning to make this into a pen!

Step 3: Cutting Ends.

Then cut those loops carefully. 
Essentially you will have a bundle of about 2 inch pieces,
so don't pull hard or you will pull out your yarns.

Then you will need to trim that pom pom.
Cut the yarns to form a ball.

Step 4: Again With a Fork!

Here's another way to do a pom pom, in case that last way wasn't your thing.
The result is darling, but smaller...unless you have a huge fork!

Yes, you will need a fork for this way.

Wrap your string around the fork prongs 100 times or so.  The more you wrap the 
fluffier the pom keep wrapping!

Then insert a length of wire through the center slot of the fork.
Twist it tight as close as you can get to the strings.

Slide the pom off the fork.
Cut the looped sides

Fluff and trim pom pom to a perfect little ball!

What do you think?  Easier that way?

Step 5: Get Pens.

For the pen tutorial:
I use these pens....Papermates.
why?  Because they are CHEAP!
97 cents for 10...Walmart.

Yes, they are you don't have to chuck your
hard work when the ink runs out!

Step 6: Hot Glue Time.

So, take the pom pom and glue the
wire right along side the pen.
(obviously the part of the pen that doesn't do the writing)

Then while the glue is still warm, wrap your yarn or twine
or ribbon around the pen and work your way down.

Keep wrapping and gluing down until about 1.5 inches from the tip...
to leave room for the lid
{ask me how I know that one!}
Then hot glue a little dab to keep it in place!

Step 7: Pom Pom Pen-tastic.

Depending on your string, yarn or twine you can get fabulous different results!
Like these ombre one!  And using bright colored yarn makes them look like Truffula trees!
Doctor Seuss Party anyone???

I super hope you like this Instructable!  These are just in time for yearly gift giving!

Have your kids make them and give to friends or teachers...could add a tag with a quirky quip!

Thanks for viewing!  Please vote for me in the Fiber Arts Contest!  :)

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    i can make these for my sisters!

    these look super easy I might try this for the girls I babysit

    These are so cute and easy to make! Thanks for sharing the great gift idea ;)

    WOW so glad i saw this! I am making some of these for my nieces gift baskets for Christmas - they will love them!!!!!! SOO CUTE! best idea!

    I'm making pom-poms for gifts but wasn't sure what to make out of them. Thanks for the awesome idea! An additional idea is to make the colors of the pom-pom in football team or school colors and make them into keychains.